What are those little white sores that can appear on your tongue?

I think you mean Canker Sores. Or they could be Ulcers. Or a popped taste bud, which will slowly die and disappear. Canker sores are little white dots that spread on your tongue of you have maybe just recovered from flu or cold, or if your have been eating hot or spicy foods. They are very painfull, i have one at the moment. A simple remedy to get rud of ulcers, popped taste buds and Canker sores is to make warm water ( not too hot! We don't want you to burn yourself ) and put some salt into a glass with the warm water, mix it around a bit, and then wash it around your mouth. DO NOT DRINK IT. Nothing will happen to you if you drink it, it just will be really yucky :( The white spot may pop, and it may hurt a little, but man, it's no where as painfull as waiting for it to go away. I don't want to scare you, but you could have mouth cancer. GET A DOCTOR TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT, HE KNOWS MORE THAN I DO. Hope i could help, bye now.