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ATA/ATAPI-4,ATA/ATAPI-5,UltraATA,fast ATA-2,ultra DMA modes0-2, DMA/33,ULTRA ATA/66,ultraDMA/66 all use an 80-conductor hard drive cable,as well as a few more standards not listed.

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What ANSI hard drive interface standards do not use a traditional hard drive cable?


What are three ata hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40 conductor hard drive cable?

atapi-4, atapi-5, atapi-6

What drive interface uses an 80-conductor ribbon cable?

The drive interface that uses an 80-conductor ribbon cable is IDE. IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics, an interface commonly used to connect hard disks and optical drives to computers.

What are the three AT hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40-conductor hard drive cable?


What are three ATA hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40-conductor hard drive cable?


How many pins does EIDE connector?

EIDE cable uses a 40-pin connector at the end of the cable to interface with the drive.

Which interface requires a ribbon cable and a built-in controller on the drive itself?


Which disk drive standards uses an 80-conductor cable?


How do you identify an Integrated drive electronics interface?

Check for the interface that is used to connect it to the motherboard using the IDE cables. If it is a 40 pin or 34 pin cable, then it will be an IDE interface device

What are three common standards CD drives use to interface with a system?

Geoff Housers mom The three common interface standards for a CD drive are EIDE (aka parallel ATA), serial ATA, and SCSI interface with a host adapter. You can also hook up a portable or external drive via USB, Fire Wire, or a SCSI port.

Name three ways a CD drive can interfere with a motherboard?

Using a parallel ATA interface, the drive can share an EIDE connection and cable with another drive.

Which part of the computer does an EIDE cable connect to?

A hard disk drive connects to a EIDE cable. However, many newer computers are replacing the EIDE with the SATA interface.

Is Ultra Ata a type of hard drive?

No its not ATA is a interface standard not a type of hard drive the only difference between Ultra ATA and a diffrent inerface standard is that it can use the 80-conductor cable or serial ATA cable

5 If a CD drive and a hard drive are sharing the same data cable in a computer system what type of connection is the CD driving using Which of the two drives should be set to master Which to slave?

A parallel ATA interface cable. The hard drive it is set as a master and the CD drive as a slave.

The majority of hard drives interface with the motherboard?

Modern hard drives connect to the hard drive using a SATA cable. Older ones use a larger, slower IDE cable.

Can you hook Bare Hard Drive to a Win 7 computer using USB port?

If you're talking about using a internal hard drive with USB interface, yes. You need a IDE or SATA to USB interface cable that is available in many computer stores.

Name three ways a CD drive can interface with a motherboard?

A CD drive can interface with a mother board using an EIDE, SATA or SCSI interface.

Can I connect a 2.5 inch hard drive to the floppy drive interface?

No. The floppy drive interface and the mini-ata interface on many 2.5 inch hard disks may appear compatible, but they are not.

What are three ATA hard drive interface standards that do not use 40 conductor hard drive cables?

ATA (UDMA) 66/100/133 modes of operation require the new cables that have 80 conductors

What is the standard internal drive interface that you use today?

The most popular consumer internal drive interface is SATA.

What is the first parallel ATA hard drive interface standard that requires an 80-conductor hard drive cable?

80 conductor IDE cables are needed to enable UDMA speeds (33MB/s +).

Are SATA drives USB drives?

SATA (Serial ATA) drives are normal drives that use the SATA interface when connecting to a PC. A SATA cable is used to bridge the gap between the drive and the computers motherboard and a separate cable is used to provide power to the drive.USB, in a similar way to SATA, refers to an interface. It is possible to use a USB cable to connect a SATA drive to a USB port but only if you use an appropriate SATA-USB adapter.Most, if not all, external hard-drive kits, which may be sold as 'USB hard-drives', will contain a SATA drive inside a drive caddy with a USB cable connecting it to the PC. The caddy will already have the SATA-USB adapter built into it, negating the need to go and buy one yourself.Please don't try and wedge a USB cable straight into the back of a SATA drive as it will no doubt cause damage.

When installing an optical drive for a PATA interface where is the jumper on drive?


What is a floppy drive data cable?

a cable for connecting a floppy drive to the computer motherboard.

500gb seagate freeagent desktop drive compatible with American computers?

"American" computers, like almost all other computers in the world, have two main standards for connecting a hard drive. Older computers primarily used a standard referred to as ATA, PATA, or IDE. Newer computers use a SATA interface. If your drive is one of these two standards, you can use it in an "American" computer.

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