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Harmful arthropods: 1: Mosquitoes are a harmful arthropod. Mosquitoes can cause yellow fever, filariasis, and malaria. 2: Fleas are also a type of harmful arthropod. The bites from fleas transferred the disease-causing bacteria for the Bubonic Plague. 3: Ticks are another type of harmful arthropod. Rocky Mountain spotted fever is characterized by a significant hemorrhagic rash and is caused by rickettsial organisms. The infection is transmitted by ticks. Beneficial arthropods: 1: Spiders are very beneficial arthropods. Spiders are beneficial to man by killing harmful insects. There are very few spider species that actually have venom that are poisonous to man. 2: Crabs are also a type of beneficial arthropod. We cook and eat crabs so we have enough energy and nutrient to live. 3: Lady Bugs are another type of beneficial arthropod. They are used to control aphids for gardens and farms.


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