What are three biggest cities in Rhode Island?

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The three largest cities based on population include Providece, Warwick, and Cranston in Rhode Island.

What are the important cities of Rhode Island?

Although this is a rather subjective question, some of the more notable cities are Providence, Newport and Pawtucket. Providence is the capital and downtown (now referred to as down city) boasts several different theaters, playhouses, Kennedy plaza, as well as being home to Brown University, Provide ( Full Answer )

When was rhode island?

Rhode Island became a united colony in 1644. It declared independence from Britain on May 4, 1776, the first colony to do so. RI was the last of the original 13 colonies to be admitted to the union, doing so on May 29, 1790.

Where is Rhode Island?

The state of Rhode Island is in the northeastern part of the UnitedStates, in an area of the country known as New England. Connecticutis to the west, and Massachusetts is to the north and east.Directly to the south is the Atlantic Ocean, while the easternmosttip of Long Island (part of New York Stat ( Full Answer )

What city starts with the letter R in Rhode Island?

Riverside, Rumsford, . No, Riverside and Rumford are both parts of the city of East Providence - neither are official towns or cities. The only town or city in the state of RI beginning with the letter R is Richmond.

How many cities are in Rhode Island?

A total of eight. By population they are: Providence Warwick Cranston Pawtucket East Providence Woonsocket Newport and Central Falls.

What are the major cities of Rhode Island?

Rhode Island contains eight cities and 31 towns. The cities in order of population are: Providence with a population of over 175,000. Warwick. Cranston. Pawtucket. East Providence. Woonsocket. Newport and Central Falls with a population of less then 20,000.

What are the three islands of New York City?

Manhattan Island, Staten Island, and Long Island. New York City's five boroughs are located on three different islands as well as the mainland United States. Manhattan and Staten Island are each islands, Brooklyn and Queens occupy the western end of Long Island, and the Bronx is the only borough t ( Full Answer )

What is the third biggest city on the South Island?

answ2 . When comparing the populations and areas of New Zealand cities, itis important to be Aware of regional amalgamations that affect the results. For example, Dunedin is the second largest (in area) city in New Zealand, having been overtaken in that position by the recent amalgamation of seve ( Full Answer )

What are englands three biggest cities?

It's slightly controversial about the third place, but the first two are London and Birmingham. The third is almost certainly Sheffield, but it depends if you measure the metropolitan area or the Borough & City or the city area. Measuring by Borough and City, Sheffield is third. populatine wise,leed ( Full Answer )

What are Londons three biggest cities?

If you really mean London's three biggest cities, then there only three cities which comprise Greater London; The City of London, Westminster and Docklands.. If you mean, what are England's three biggest cities, it partly depends on whether you mean a city's metropolitan area (including the suburbs ( Full Answer )

What are the three biggest cities in Massachusetts?

Go look at a map! Use your head boy (You use the term boy no matter what gender you are to specify to whom it is to). -----------^ Just to let you know if your a girl. I am not calling you a boy just read the parenthesis.

What three biggest cities in Europe?

Considering population,the three biggest cities are Moscow (8 297 000),London (7 074 000) & Sankt Petersburg (4 678 000 ).

How many hours is the drive from Rhode Island to the city of Chicago?

The driving distance between Chicago, IL and Providence, RI is approximately 980 miles. The driving time would be approximately 15 hours 45 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time suc ( Full Answer )

What are the five major cities of rhode island?

Ranked by population, the state's 5 largest municipalities are: . Providence (178,042) . Warwick (82,672) . Cranston (80,387) . Pawtucket (71,148) . East Providence (47,034) .

What are Ohios three biggest citys?

Top Ten List of Ohio Cities: --------------------------------- . Columbus . Cleveland . Cincinnati . Toledo . Akron . Dayton . Parma . Canton . Youngstown . Lorain

What is a city in Rhode Island?

Providence is both the State Capital and the largest population center. Other cities are: Warwick. Cranston. Pawtucket. East Providence. Woonsocket. Newport and Central Falls.

What are the three biggest cities in California?

Los Angeles, San Jose and San Diego are the three biggest cities in California. If you are speaking population wise, Los Angeles is #1 with approximatey 4 million people, San Diego is # 2 with 1.4 million, and San Jose is # 3 with about 1 million people.

What is the biggest park in Rhode Island?

There are many beautiful parks in Rhode Island. There is an app called Pocket Ranger that can help you locate all of the state parks in Rhode Island and also tell you which one is the largest. Especially if you are looking for a state park to visit this app will allow you to choose the many activ ( Full Answer )

What are Rhode Island major cities?

The largest major city in Rhode Island is Providence with apopulation of 378,042. Other major cities in the state includeWarwick, Cranston, and Pawtucket.

Where is the biggest house in Rhode Island?

It is the House of Representatives in Providence with 75 members. If your inquiry is related to an individual domicile please advise. If your inquiry is related to The Big House as in the Department of Correcdtion at Cranston, please advise,

Three geographical characteristics of Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States. It is 40miles long, and 30 miles wide. Geographical characteristics ofRhode Island include coastal lowlands, and a rocky upland.

Russia's three biggest citys?

Canelar, Moret, Corporation drive.. it was discovered aroun 100000 b.c by a great stambay namely DUDUY

Russia's three biggest cities?

Russia's three biggest cities by population are: 1. Moscow (population of 10.56 million) 2. Saint Petersburg (population of 4.66 million) 3. Novosibirsk (population of 1.42 million)

The three biggest cities in New York?

By population living within the city limits: New York City: over 8 million Buffalo: almost 300,000 Rochester: over 200,000 By metropolitan area population: New York City "Tri-State Area": almost 19 million Buffalo-Niagara Falls: about 1.18 million Greater Rochester: just over 1 ( Full Answer )

What is the THREE island found in Rhode Island?

There are more than three, but the three largest are Aquidnick Island, famous for Newport and Middletown, Jamestown Island, and Block Island. Another large island is Prudence Island, which like Block Island has no bridges to it. Prudence has around 90 people living on it. See wikipedia for more info ( Full Answer )

Where are Florida's three biggest cities?

The three biggest cities in the U.S. State of Florida according to the U.S. Census Bureau of 2011 are: Jacksonville, Miami, & Tampa. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOCATIONS: Jacksonville "northeast corner of Florida" Miami ( Full Answer )

Is Quahog a real city in Rhode Island?

No, there is no real city in Rhode Island named Quahog. Quahog is a fictional town in Fox's animated comedy show Family Guy.

How big is the biggest baby born in Rhode Island?

I weighed 12lbs 9oz. I was born at Newport naval hospital in 1981. And I was delivered all natural. I was born at KENT hospital in 1960 WARWICK R.I @13 LBS 6 OZ, MY BROTHER WAS BORN JUST SHY OF THAT IN 1958 @13 LBS 5 OZ. MY UNCLE TOPS US ALL AT HIS HOME IN 1921 WAS BORN 17 LBS. I THINK THERE HAS TO ( Full Answer )