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What are three examples of a wedge?

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Wedges are used for lifting and separating. The sharp edge of an axe is a wedge. Other examples of a wedge include a doorstop, knife blade, and a chisel.

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Is a plow a wedge?

No, a plow is NOT a wedge, but a knife and a broom are both examples of a wedge. (:

What are the examples of wedge around the house?

a Ax,nail,door stopper,and the back of a hammer are examples of a wedge.

What are the examples of inclined plane in a school?

examples of wedge

What is the meaning of wedge in cooking?

It is an expression that describes the shape into which something is cut. A potato wedge, an apple wedge, a fruit wedge, a cheese wedge, and other examples are possible.

Non examples of a wedge?

Anything that isn't a wedge, really. An example of a wedge is an axe. A thing with that shape is a wedge. Non examples could be other simple machines: screws, levers, pulleys, really anything that, if you look in an encyclopedia, isn't classified as a wedge. :) .

What are examples of a wedge?

wheelchair ramp.

What are examples of wedges?

the examples of the wedge are knife,axe,itak,scissor and cutter

Are Teeth and boat are examples of which simple machine?


5 examples of wedge?

scissors,knife,fork,teeth and blade are five examples of wedges

What are The wedge screw and lever all examples of?

Simple machines :)

5 examples of a wedge?

1. Floor Nail 2. Back Wedge 3. Pins 4. Iron Wedge 5.Chisels info from

What are three types of a wedge?

knife door wedge orange peeler i had this for a question for school and those were my answers

What do people use the wedge for?

People use Archimedes' invention of the wedge to build things and sew clothes. Nails, needles, and pins are examples of wedges.

What are some examples of a wedge?

Examples of a wedge would include items like an axe and a chisel. There are several types of chisels, like the cold chisel and flooring chisel. Other examples are knitting needles, a carpenter's plane, and parts of a boat are complex machines, but they are wedges, like the bow.An example of a wedge is a piece of metal or wood that is placed at the base of an open door to keep it from closing.

What solid has three surfaces?

A wedge from a spheroid is one example.

What are some examples of a wedge in everyday life?

nails,wood,scissors,knives,and axes

Examples of a Wedge simple machine?

Axes, forks, nails, your teeth, knives and many more.

Examples of wedges found in the home?

An example of a wedge found in a home would be like a hammer.

What is three household items that contain a wedge and a lever?

Axe Knife

What is a wedge and examples?

A wedge is a thing that can be made of any material. Sometimes, wedges are used as a doorstop. An example of a wedge is a slice of cheese from a circle chunk of cheese or as I said a doorstop. I don't really know anything else about wedges... I hope this was somehow helpful...

What are three examples of prokaryotic organisms?

three examples of prokaryotic

What are the three examples of saprotrophs?

Three examples of Saprotrohs are: Fungus

How do you find the area of a triangular wedge?

The surface area of a rectangular prism is the sum of the length times the width of its three pairs of faces. A triangular wedge is half of that.

Are tools examples of simple machines?

yes a shovel is the same thing as a tool because a shovel is a wedge

What are examples of a wedge in your smile?

your the are wedges do you see how you bit down and open them that's is because of the wedges in your mouth