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Hydrogen has different names that are in common usage today. Hydrogen-2 is called deuterium. Hydrogen-3 is usually called tritium. The symbols D and T are used fro deuterium and tritium instead of 2H and 3H.

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How do you write the notations for the three forms or isotopes of hydrogen?

H-1, H-2, H-3

If a hydrogen atom has a mass of 3 is it a isotope?

Yes, all forms of hydrogen atoms are isotopes of the element. H-3 is one of the three possible isotopes of hydrogen.

How many isotopes are in glucose?

These are the natural isotopes of C, O and H.

How many isotopes in hydrogen?

Isotopes of an element have the ssame number of protons (and therefore, atomic number), but different numbers of neutrons (and therefore, atomic masses). Isotopes are abbreviated by the atomic mass followed by the atomic symbol. Three isotopes of hydrogen exist: hydrogen, 1-H; deuterium, 2-H; and tritium, 3-H. Each of these isotopes has one proton (which gives them and atomic number of 1: hydrogen), and they have 0, 1, or 2 neutrons, respectively.

Is the element hydrogen stable?

The isotopes protium (H-1) and deuterium (H-2) are stable; tritium (H-3) and artificial isotopes are unstable.

What is the structure in the nucleus of all three isotopes of hydrogen?

H-1 has one proton H-2 has one proton and one neutron H-3 has one proton and two neutrons

How many isotopes are in Hydrogen?

there are three isotopes for hydrogen

What is argons number of isotopes?

There are three natural isotopes.

What are the different isotopes of hydrogen and was is each isotopes mass . How many protons neutrons and electrons found in each isotope?

All isotopes of hydrogen have 1 proton and 1 electron; the isotope H-1 (protium) hasn't a neutron. the mass is 1.Other isotopes are:- H-2 (deuterium): 1 p, 1n, 1e; mass 2.- H-3: 1 p, 2n, 1e; mass 3.- H-4: 1 p, 3n, 1e; mass 4.- H-5: 1 p, 4n, 1e; mass 5.- H-6: 1 p, 5n, 1e; mass 6.- H-7: 1 p, 6n, 1e; mass 7.H-1, H-2 and H-3 are natural isotopes; H-1 and H-2 are stable isotopes.Isotopes from H-3 to H-7 are radioactive and unstable.

Does the atomic number change in the three isotopes of hydrogen?

No the atomic number is same for the three isotopes of hydrogen (it is 1). The three isotopes of hydrogen differ by the number of neutrons.

A chart of different of isotopes of hydrogen?

H-1, H-2, H-3

How many stable isotopes does hydrogen have?

Hydrogen has three isotopes

Write the isotopes hyphen notation for sodium?

H-1 h-2 h-3

How how are all three isotopes of carbon different?

These three natural isotopes of carbon have a different number of neutrons.

Give an example of isotope?

For example uranium has 3 natural isotopes, all radioactive U-234, U-235, U-238. Also hydrogen has 3 natural isotopes: H-1, H-2 (deuterium), H-3 (tritium) and 3 artificial isotopes; H-4, H-5, H-6. All the chemical elements has isotopes, stables or radioactive, naturals or artificial. like oxygen have 3 isotopes O-16,O-17,O-18. lithium have 2 isotopes like Li-6,Li-7.and many other like magnesium have 3 natural isotopes,Mg-24,Mg-25,Mg-26.

As the mass number of an isotopes of hydrogen increases the number of protons?

Two other isotopes of 1H (hydrogen) are2H (called deuterium, D) has 2 protons3H (called tritium, T) has 3 protons

A compound that releases H plus?

positive isotopes

What isotopes exist for hydrogen?


Do isotopes of the same element react the same way?

Chemically isotopes (excepting H,D,T) are identical.

How isotopes of an element differ?

Different isotopes of the same element have a different number of neutrons. This makes different isotopes chemically similar, but the nuclei are very different things. For example, H-1 and H-2 are stable, whereas H-3 is radioactive, with a half-life of about 18 years.

How many isotopes are in uranium?

Uranium has three natural isotopes (234, 235, 238) and 26 artificial isotopes and isomers.

How do the three isotopes in carbon differ?

number of neutrons are diffrent in all thee isotopes

How many isotopes chromuim have?

There are three stable isotopes of Chromium 52Cr, 53Cr, and 54Cr.

What are uranium three natural occurring isotopes?

Natural uranium has three isotopes: U-234, U-235 and U-238.

Each of the three known isotopes of hydrogen has what protons in the nucleus?

Each of the three known isotopes of hydrogen has 1 proton in the nucleus.

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