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What are three natural disasters of Chile?


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September 13, 2011 9:39PM

i need to know what are at least three natural disasters of chili the country

im doing a school project and am having a hard time with this topic


Answer: The most common natural disasters in Chile are:

1.-Earthquakes: Recent earthquakes ocurred in 2001 (Arica), 2005 (antofagasta), 2007(antofagasta). Chile is also the escenary of the strongest earthquke registered in history, it hit the city of Valdivia in 1960.

2.- Volcanoes : in october 2008 the Chaiten Volcano made eruption, destroying the town of chaiten. (There was another volcanic eruption near Valdivia in the 1960's)

3.- Others are Tsunamis (asociated to earthquakes, the last was in Valdivia in 1960), landslides (in 2006 a big landslide caused somekind of small tsunami in the south of the country, killing 5 people at least), and floods (every year, in different places around the center and the south).