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Evaporation, precipitation and runoff and it is all driven by the sun


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condensation, precipitation, and condensation

What are the three phases of water

Different phases describes the different processes involved in water cycle. These are evaporation, condensation, precipitation.

There are three phases.

The energy that drives the water cycle is from the Sun.

Solar energy drives water cycle. It helps in evaporation.

There are 4 phases of water cycle. These are:Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection

It is the circular path of water in its various phases that gives the hydrological cycle its form cycle...

Sun provides thermal energy. it drives water cycle.

Evaporation, codensation and precipitation

What are the three regions of the water cycle?

The Sun drives the water cycle by evaporating water from the oceans, rivers and lakes to form clouds.

The three phases are solid (ice), liquid and gas.

evaporation condensation precipitation percolation

solar energy drives both weather and the water cycle.

The energy source behind the water cycle is solar energy. It is the only energy which initiates water cycle.

On a basic level: Evaporation, condensation and precipitation

abiotic factors such as water eroding rocks

For the evaporation it won't go everywhere

Yes, it is possible to have steam, liquid water, and ice exist in the same space, but not a molecule of water can only be in one of the three phases.

Solid, liquid, and gas...

the three phases of water are solid, ice, liquid,water and gas, water vapor and are caused by the adding and removing of energy

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