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What are the three phases of water


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There are three phases.

The three phases are solid (ice), liquid and gas.

Yes, it is possible to have steam, liquid water, and ice exist in the same space, but not a molecule of water can only be in one of the three phases.

Solid, liquid, and gas...

the three phases of water are solid, ice, liquid,water and gas, water vapor and are caused by the adding and removing of energy

Three phases are solid, liquid and gas. Examples: Solid - Wood Liquid - Water Gas - Oxygen

condensation, precipitation, and condensation

Solid or ice , liquid water and vapour .

The tree phases of a matter are called Solid, liquid and gas. For example, water is present in the form of Ice, liquid water and water-vapour or steam.

Physical phases of matter are not limited to three. Phases of the moon are not limited to three. Phases of a wave form are not limited to three. What phase is limited to three?

It is not entirely correct to talk about "the" three phases. There are actually more than three phases of matter. In the case of water, the three "main" phases are called: "ice" (for solid water), "liquid water" or just "water" for the liquid phase, and "water vapor" for the gaseous phase. In the case of water, and many other substances, there is also a "supercritical" phase (among others). I don't think this one has a special name, in the case of water. The supercritical phase is used for dry cleaning; although it is more common to use carbon dioxide for this purpose, since it requires less temperature and pressure.

There were no 'The' three, but three phases were: persecution, segregation and extermination.

There are three phases of drug effects. These three phases are the administration phase, active phase, and the metabolism phase.

Water is the only item found on earth in three different phases of matter at standard pressure.

The three phases of repair are lag, proliferative, and remodeling.

The three forms of water are ice, liquid water, and water vapor. These correspond to the most familiar three phases of matter, which are solid, liquid, and gas.

No, there's only ice (solid), water (liquid) and steam (gas).

Evaporation, precipitation and runoff and it is all driven by the sun

solid (ice), liquid (liquid water), gas (steam).

Ice, Water, and Steam.Bonus answer: Plasma!

Liquids, gases and solids are the three phases of matter.

The three phases of water are, liquid, solid and gas. Water changes from liquid to solid by Freezing. It changes from liquid to gas by Evaporation. It changes from solid to gas by Sublimation. It changes from solid to liquid by Melting. It changes from gas to liquid by Condensation.

Wax, like all matter, comes in many phases. What are the three possible phases? gas. liquid, and solid

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