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Not sure if I can simply answer this question. The Dutch (once liberated from Spain) entered their golden age. If you ask for three reasons I'll give these with an explanation:

1- trade

2- tolerance

3- war 1 Trade

Everyone knows the Dutch are a trading nation. Most famous are the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) which was the first international organization in which normal civilians could participate by buying stocks. Allthough the VOC and trade with the West Indies (WIC) certainly earned a share of the gold for the Dutch Republic we must not forget the trade with the Baltic stats and Sweden (known as the 'Moeder Negotie'). This was more or less the continuing Hanseatic trade. It is known that the Dutch influence in Sweden was that big, that famous traders (who lived in Sweden) addressed the Swedish royal family talking Dutch, as the Royal family and all notables in Sweden spoke Dutch at the time. 2 Tolerance

The reformations certainly left there signs in Holland. The statechurch was now protestant, but the real money was with the Catholic Southern Dutch (now known as Belgians). Due to the war with Spain many of these rich businessman fled to Amsterdam and Leiden (at the time the main cities). Together with protestat tradesman (who took far more initiative) they founded the VOC and WIC. Both taking an equal share of the risk. It sounds obvious to cooperate know, but tolerance on religious matters was very uncommon in those days! 3 war

When countries around you are in war, they need weapons. The Dutch (controlling the main Swedish Iron ore mines) were more than happy to provide them. Metallurgy was the main thing for a lot of Dutch traders. Selling Canons to all surrounding nations earned them a lot. Next to this trade part of war, the Dutch beat the English fleet several times, creating the free sea routes to the desired East and West indies. Without these wars the financial bloom would have never begun Hopefully usefull

Another reason Another reason is the fact that the Dutch invented windmills which could saw wood. This sawing method was much faster than sawing by hand. This ment that the Dutch could build more ships in less time, thereby taking control of the sea's and oceans.

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