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You should see a doctor.

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Pimple looking things right above the penis for about 3 months how do i know if it herpes or not?

If the bumps have been unchanged for three months, it's not herpes. Consider warts or molluscum.

What is the world record for volleyball bumps?

the record was accomplished by three students. They got up to 229 bumps

How long does it take so that betta fry get their original color?

It takes about two to three months (mine are still small and are at 2 months)

What does babies do at 3 months old?

They are not in the toddler stage yet, so they probably won't crawl. But at 3 months they start developing facial expressions like their parents'. At three months they are still small, be careful! if they fall from small distances like off the couch it will die. even if it falls on a pillow! Or something soft. anyway at three months they won't change much, to answer your question.

What if you have three little bumps on your head and they hurt when you touch them what could it be?

They might be pimples or I guess there might be an extremely small chance that they MIGHT be a tumor but I doubt that. I would ask your doctor.

What type of turtle or tortoise hatchling has three large black bumps on his shell?

Most of the turtle types I know of with bumps on their shells are snappers...

What are the three months of summer?

The three months of summer is December, January and February.

What kind of non hodgkins lymphoma did Jackie Kennedy have I know there are three types indolent lowgrade and high grade.?

Jackie Kennedy was in fact diagnosed with and died fro. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It is not clear, however, which type she had.

What has the author Danusia Stok written?

Danusia Stok has written: 'Polish in Three Months' 'Polish in Three Months (Hugo's Latest Three Months Courses)'

Is it good to be 130 pounds and wear a size 3?

A size three would be too small for someone of 130 lbs. It also would reveal any fat that you have and all its bumps and creases.

How many months are there in a trimester?

If there's nine months in a pregnancy then divide by three to get a trimester. Therefore there are three months in a trimester

How many quarters are in a year and three months?

5 quarters are in a year and three months.

What are the three months in fall?

The three months in Fall/Autumn are September,October and November.

What is the measurement for three quarters of a year?

three quarters of a years is 9 months. 3/4 of 12 months = 9 months

After three months gold rate increasing?

After three months the therate of gold has started to fall.

How does a baby look at three months?

At three months when organeogenesis is complete.Means all parts are already there.

What are the three months for the season fall?

The three months in Fall/Autumn are September, October and November.

How long is the first trimester?

Tri = 3.A pregnancy is 9 months, there are three trimesters. Meaning there are three periods of time lasting three months. A trimester is 3 months.

Does sperm totally reproduce every three months?

Does sperm totally reproduce every three months?"

How many pages does Three Months in the Southern States have?

Three Months in the Southern States has 329 pages.

How many months is a tiger pregnant?

three and a half months.

Which months have t's in?

Three months - August, September and October.

What month is 3 months after July?

October is three months after July.

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