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The flu has moderate to severe muscle pain, there may be vomiting, high fever and fatigue. In the early stages it can be hard to tell the difference between a cold and the flu. But when the fever and fatigue set in, you know it is the flu.

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Q: What are three things the flu has that a cold dose not have?
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What is the dose for a child for the prevention of swine flu in homeopathy?

three doses in three days

What are some viruses going around?

Stomach flu, Flu, Common cold, and such things.=)

What three viruses cause illnesses?


If you have a cold can that lead to Swine Flu?

No. Colds and Flus come from different viruses. A cold is a cold and a Flu is a Flu. BUT, and I am not a doctor (so check this!), i think that having a cold may leave you more vulnerable to catching other things.

Can you get hepatitis from sharing lipstick?

No, but you can get other things. Cold sores, flu, colds, things like that.

Why do you get common cold when you drink cold drinks?

That won't cause the flu unless you are drinking from the same glass someone with the flu used soon after they did. Cold weather and cold things do not cause the common cold, viruses do. See the related questions for more details.

Can a cold virus and a flu virus mutate together?

The cold and flu virus cannot mutate together, but the cold virus can turn into a flu virus.

If you have both flu and cold symptoms what do you have?

You could have either a cold or the flu or both. Or, you could have allergies. See the related questions for information about the symptoms of cold and flu.

What is AAA cold?

it is cold and flu severe

How can the chickenpox and the cold and flu be treated?

Calamine lotion for chickenpox...starve a flu and feed a cold.

Can you go to your friends house with a cold or flu?

Yes u can. Just expect to get the cold or flu.

Can sub zero temperatures cure a cold or flu?

No. Cold and flu viruses are unaffected by cold or even freezing temperatures.

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