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The three most common ways genetic engineering has been used to improve plants are, to make them produce a substance that kills insects within the plant itself, to be more resistant to chemical herbicides, and to be more resistant to drought, There are also others , but these are generally the most common three.

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Genetic Engineering is the study and application of genetics for a better life/future. Genetic engineering can be used to produce medicines & to improve food crops. Researchers are also using genetic engineering to try to cure human genetic disorders.

AnswerThe three types of genetic engineering are:Applied genetic engineering which includes cloning and transgenesis.Chemical genetic engineering which includes genes mapping, gene interaction, and genes codingAnalytical genetic engineering which includes computer mapping.

The three methods of genetic engineering is the plasmid method, the biolistic method, and the vector method.

The Plasmid method, the Vector method, and the Biolistic method.

Most corn has been genetically modified, if only by centuries of plant selection. Of more concern is whether it has been subject to trans genetic engineering. For example does it contain genes of the three toed newt?? Or whatever. DON'T let them confuse you between genetic modification and trans genetic engineering.

Any food can be genetically modified through genetic engineering. Three foods that have been genetically engineered are corn, soy, and canola.

1. Genetically alter plants2. Repair damaged genes 3. Manufacture proteins

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