What are tigers?

tigers are one of the largest members of the cat family.
It is a four legged animal that lives in hot wet and humid jungles as well as icy cold forests. Its beautiful orange and black markings makes it easier for the tiger to camoflouge.
There are 8 kinds of tigers they are Siberian tigers(panthera Tigris ataica), Bengal tigers (panthera Tigris Tigris), Sumatran tigers (panthera Tigris sumatrae), South China tigers (panthera Tigris amoyensis) Indochinese tigers (panthera Tigris corbetti). There are 3 extinct kinds, they are Bli tigers (panthera Tigris balica) Javan tigers (panthera Tigris sondaicus) and last but not least Caspian aka Persian tigers (pantera Tigris virgat). The strongest tiger is the Bengal tiger, while the largest the Siberian tiger.
And most importantly, since it bears fur, breathes oxygen, and gives live birth, it is a mammal.