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More than likely they are mosquitos. i have them 2 what are they i no for definit they are not mosquitos.

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What are tiny tadpole like creatures in a swimming pool?

mosquito larvae

What are tiny flea-like creatures in the pool that get in your hair after swimming?


What are things swimming in your swimming pool that looks like tiny hammer head sharks and how do you get rid of them?

== == == == == == == ==

What are the tiny black creatures moving around in your pool?

Water bugs.

What are the Millions of tiny black bugs floating in our swimming pool?


What do you call a pool with tiny sea creatures in it at the seaside?

Pools at the seaside are called tidal pools.

What is a tiny squiggling parasite in my swimming pool water?

Sounds a bit like a mosqito larvae.

What kingdom is referred to as little creatures swimming around in a drop of pond water?

Kingdom ProtistaLittle creatures swimming around in a drop of pond water are called Protists. Protists are too tiny and small to be seen with the naked eye.

What are thousands of tiny little swimming pool bugs?

Sounds like mosquito larvae..they look like little squigglers Enough pool shock will kill them and keep them from becoming mosquitoes!

Is 15 inches by 48 inches a big pool?

No, it is a tiny pool

Shrimp-like creatures that humpback eat?

Krill, tiny shrimp like creatures.

Who are tiny shelled creatures that live along the tide line feeding on seaweed?

Dash are tiny shelled creatures that live along the tide line feeding on seaweed

In your swimming pool you found tiny red worms on the bottom as you were cleaning your pool they are they harmful to children you have a above ground pool?

They are fly larvae and are gross, but harmless. Keep the pool clean and the chemistry correct. You can try running the chlorine a little towards the high end, but the flys that deposit the eggs (that turn into larvae) will contine to mistake your pool for a pond. Hey, at least you don't have frogs... ;-)

Tiny shrimp-like sea creatures?


What is planketon?

Planktons consists of tiny living sea creatures and plants which they emerged from their larve or egg stages and the living plant algae. They are also marine thrifts and are passively floating or weakly swimming usually minute animal and plant life in the ocean. In addition, there are two terms of planktons, zooplanktons and phytoplanktons. Zooplanktons are very tiny sea creatures and can be larger size as krill, (shrimplike creatures) swims in the water along with phytoplanktons which is thousands of species of tiny plants and algae that floats in the ocean. Zooplanktons eats phytoplanktons. The larger sea creatures such as fish or whales eats zooplanktons and other names called the "krills" ( thousands of tiny shrimps) and tiny jellyfishes. Many larger animals eat just phytoplankton as well. Whale sharks eat nothing but phytoplankton.

How many gallons of water would an 20 round by 48 inch swimming pool hold?

Cant work it out without the depth and do you really mean 20 inch by 40 inch? that's tiny.

Who saidthis pool is tiny?

i guess it depends on the person......

What do Tiny creatures build that take 1000 years?

Coral Reef

What is choral made out of?

Coral is made up of tiny living creatures.

What is a DE swimming pool filter?

Simply put, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) are the bones of tiny little animals that lived millions and millions of years ago, diatoms. This DE is used to coat the "grids" inside the DE filter which captures and filters particles as small as 5 microns. When the filter pressure rises, the swimming pool DE filter is backwashed in the same manner as a sand filter. A slurry of DE is put into the skimmer to "recharge" or "re-coat" the grids of these swimming pool DE filters. This type of filter is effective and efficient but a little more expensive to maintain. Some call it the "water polisher" of pool filters.

How quick is a seahorse when swimming?

Not very quick at all. They have fairly rigid bodies, and in comparison, tiny tiny fins to swim with.

What do king prawns eat?

prawns eat plankton, tiny creatures in the sea

Are krill living things?

Yes they're tiny shrimp-like creatures.

Why isn't coral very colorful?

no it is skeleton pieces of tiny sea creatures.

What prawns eat?

prawns eat plankton, tiny creatures in the sea. Read more