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Small children are often terrified by Characters, who are MUCH larger than they expected. Children usually envision Mickey or Cinderella as about their own height. Instead, they

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Q: What are tips for Walt Disney World character encounters with small children?
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What are tips for families with kids at Walt Disney World?

Keep an eye on kids during Character encounters

What the cost for children under 3 at Disney World?

Children under 3 are admitted free into Disney World.

Who is the main character of Disney World?

Mickey Mouse

What other Character events are held at Walt Disney World?

If you can

Who is the most popular Disney character in the world?

Tiana (you idiots)

What age children go Disney World?

ALL ages are allowed at the Disney parks

Where can i get a doll of the Disney Mickey Mouse clubhouse character Pete?

you can get it in any Disney store around the world

How do you explain to children you care?

Show them! Take them to Disney World.

Did Walt Disney World get started with a mouse?

Yes, Walt Disney World was started with a mouse, but not Walt Disney himself. His first character wasn't Mickey Mouse, but Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

What was the first character invented in Walt Disney World?

Mickey Mouse in 1928

Are Character breakfasts lunches and dinners at Walt Disney World worth the money?

Walt Disney World offers a variety of Character breakfasts, lunches and dinners to give you some quality time with your Disney favorites, from Mickey Mouse to Pocahontas. Each meal includes several Characters, who interact with children (and adults!) in a more relaxed, less crowded situation than in the parks. Little ones who are afraid of the Characters in the park often like them in the meal setting. The plus side: Your child can have some quality time with their favorite character, and you can enjoy one of Disney

Is it possible to become a face character for Walt Disney World in Florida for one year if you currently live in the UK?

It is possible to become a face character for Walt Disney World in Florida for one year if you currently live in the UK.

What inspired Walt Disney to come up with the idea for Disney World?

The inspiration of Disney World was to be able to give children fun but with something more exciting than a small playground.

Which Disney Character is most popular?

It would most likely be Mickey Mouse because he was in the first Disney animated short, Steamboat Willie, and he is the "face" of Disney World.

Which Walt Disney World character meals are best for adults?

Most adults won

How much money does a person that dresses up as a character at Disney World earn?


Why do people like Mickey Mouse?

most children like Mickey Mouse because he is a cartoon character and also a Disney character and since many kids like Disney world they like mickey mouse and also his new show called "Mickey Mouse Club House" Mikey Mouse has been a character in animated shorts and movies from Disney since the 1930s; he is popular because of the enjoyment people have had watching him in those shorts/movies.

What is the easiest Disney theme park to get into as a character?

Character auditions are usually for all parks at a particular resort. However, it would be most likely that you are assigned to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, as this park is the largest and has the most character greetings.

Is Mickey Mouse still famous today?

Yes,,because his character started the Disney empire, still the big star at Disneyland and Disney World.

Irene Bedard voiced this character in a Disney cartoon but played her mother in The New World Who?


Who is the oldest Disney channel character?

By the first ever Disney character its Oswald the lucky rabbit then he got no popularity so then Mickey Mouse got all of the world loving him and then Mickey Mouse in some cultures its Mickey in other Oswald . By age its Oswald by tv Mickey Mouse and Pluto then along came Minnie , Goofy , and Pete then by year by year the Disney family expanded and all of what you know there are Disney World , Disney land and the creater Walter "Walt" Disney.

Who is Disney World named after?

Walt Disney World is named after Walt Disney..... It was originally named Disney World, but was then changed to Walt Disney World to honor him.

What are tips to make Walt Disney World less scary for small children?

Small children are often afraid of the Characters, the rides or both. Before you leave home, rent Walt Disney World travel videos or check them out of the library, and watch them with the kids. You can also get free videos from Walt Disney World Holiday Planning (407-824-8000).They

Did Walt Disney draw Mickey Mouse?

No, Ub Iwerks did but Walt Disney first voiced him and asked Iwerks for a new character and thus the world phenomenon was created.

Why is Walt Disney World so awesome?

Many people consider Walt Disney World to be so amazing because it is a world for children. It makes all the children's idols from there pretend movies come to life!