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What are tips for playing Guitar Hero in hard mode?


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"use 3 fingers and go on practice mode" I suggest using all four fingers, try keeping your hand on the Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange. I'm assuming you aren't having rhythm troubles with hard, only the orange button throwing you off. Using your four fingers on RYBO keeps your pinky on the orange, which is often easier since you won't have to stretch it. Stretch your index finger for Greens. Once you get the hold of the Orange button, try moving your hand to your leisure on the buttons. If you are having rhythm troubles, just keep working at it. Good luck!

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Yes. Every Guitar Hero game has a career mode.

Most likely the guitar for finishing hard mode. Rojimbo is its name, slicing sound waves is its game

On the original Guitar Hero, make sure you're playing on Medium or higher difficulty setting so you earn money. Then go to the shop in the career mode main menu.

Air Guitar mode within Guitar Hero Aerosmith is rumored to be a specific cheat code that renders your character's guitar invisible.

Yeah it works with the DJ vs Guitar mode on DJ Hero.

Yes. go to settings-lefty mode-[on]

Just keep practicing battle mode with real people that are just as skilled. And to beat him, just keep playing that lvl a lot. you will get used to the song, and eventually beat him.

You can only play Bass Guitar in Practise Mode.

Guitar Hero is an addicting game that takes famous songs and acts out the sound of the song into playable notes. A "Guitar" consists of 5 fret buttons. One green, red, yellow, blue and orange. There are also 4 difficulties. Easy, Medium, Hard andExpert. Except for another Guitar hero game Guitar hero World Tour. in that game there are 5 difficulties. A new mode titled Beginner.

To use a bass on guitar hero 3 , you must play on co-op career mode or online co-op. You can also play the bass in practise mode.

Well, you have to do career mode on guitar. And you should have all of them after you beat it.

Beat the Slash Guitar Battle in any Career mode.

It's a mode that tightens the timing window of notes and hammer ons.

By playing through the career mode or you just go to Quick play, Thanks for asking.

Yes. There are Setlists you must complete in order to advance, Much like Guitar Hero.=]

Buy in the store in carrer mode

you go into career mode play a song then get money.

You can only unlock her in the vocal career mode.

No, guitar hero aerosmith was made before gh world tour, which was when they added the drums and vocals. Therefore the only playable mode is guitar and bass, so obviously the drums and mic will not work.

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