What are traditional Roman values?

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Dignitas (prestige), military dominance/strength, nationalism, honour, etc.
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When will America go back to its traditional values?

America will not return to "traditional" values...ever! Everything moves toward chaos not order. America began its slippery slide down the path toward chaos when they decided they no longer wanted GOD in the schools. The Book of the Revelation describes America in detail. And that nation is slated f ( Full Answer )

What is The Roman value of 10 in Roman numerics?

I hope I understand your question correctly. In Roman numerals: Our letter "X" is the symbol used for the Roman number 10. Our letter "I" is the symbol used for the Roman number 1. Our letter "V" is the symbol used for the Roman number 5. To write a number in Roman numerals, you use a combination of ( Full Answer )

What are greco-roman traditions?

refers to the ethics, practices and values that were universally acceptable in the ancient Greek community.

What are the traditional values in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a city in the People's Republic of China with apopulation of 7.155 million. Some traditional values in Hong Kongare family, being courteous and having a good reputation.

Traditional Chinese values?

Traditional Chinese values include cultural values of harmony,courtesy, loyalty, honesty, and wisdom. Many of the Chinese socialvalues come from Taoism and Confucianism.

What are some Roman traditions?

1. Roman tradition is festivals, and that is all I know. If you know any more I need help! |_\_/ \/ |_|**| (luvs) ALLISON

What pagan traditions did the Roman Catholic Church incorporate into their beliefs?

In brief, the Roman Catholic Church incorporated a number of then-popular beliefs into the Church in order to curry favor with a larger populace. More members, more money for the Church. A few of the pagan (false) beliefs are: (1) immortality of the soul (found in Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek phil ( Full Answer )

Do young parents lack traditional value and why?

Just like you can't judge all older parents the same you also can't judge the younger ones. Every generation and individual raises their children different. That is how it has to be to keep up with time and society. You are also not speecifying what you mean with traditional values. That means diffe ( Full Answer )

Greco roman contributions to western legal traditions?

Specifically, the so-called civil law countries are heavily influenced by the Roman legal tradition (also known as ius commune). In fact, all European civil codes were heavily influenced by Roman law. This holds particularly true for systems in countries such as France, Spain, or Italy. This is also ( Full Answer )

What are the values and traditions in South Korea?

Marriage Koreans think marriage is the most important passage in one's lifeand a divorce is regarded as a disgrace not only for the couple butalso for their families ― even though the divorce rate is growingrapidly these days. Today's typical wedding ceremony is somewhat different from what ( Full Answer )

What are Roman values?

When Rome was faced with a grave crisis it turned to the one man thought capable to lead them. Senators thus went to the home of Cincinnatus to offer him the position of magister populi (dictator). They found him in his field, plowing the land as a simple farmer, and when he had succeeded in his du ( Full Answer )

Why do you value traditions of your community?

I value traditions in my community because it brings about unity and where ever there is unity there is love. Traditions may stem from our ancestors but it is something that I am proud to continue.

Who was in charge of preparing a traditional Roman meal?

For the plebs, this may have been the wife of the family, but we do know that in the patrician class, slaves were the ones in the kitchen cooking while the family entertained any guests that came to eat the "CENA".

Does the young generation care about the traditional values?

The younger generation was brought up in a time where it appeared as if every thing they wanted was handed to them on a silver platter. People rarely recognize the struggles that this generation goes through. Due to the stereotypical idea that they have life easy, people expect above and beyond what ( Full Answer )

What are some greek or roman pagan traditions that have to do with Easter?

The short answer would be, we cast our circles do a ritualcelebrating mid-spring, dance around the may pole, have a feast.The rabbid, hare, egg, baskets, etc. used to decorate for easterare based on the pagan use of them to symbolize fertility and therenewel of the earth's being fertile with seeds.

How did Roman Christmas traditions merge with Christian and Northern Europe Christmas traditions?

When the Romans conquered their empire, in order to foster an easier conversion to Christianity, they took many of the customs of the pagans around them and incorporated them into their religion. For instance, Easter was originally the worship of Ishtar, the fertility goddess. For Christmas, the ori ( Full Answer )

How did Judeo Christian tradition and Greek and roman influence Europe?

I know greece and italy influenced most of Europe with its romantic architechture, you can see hints of it in french and spanish. And christian traditions spread through Europe after the arabs moved west. and then the romans inveloped christian tradition instead of using their own polytheistic theoc ( Full Answer )

How did the rise of the christian faith affect traditional roman religion?

Christian faith as such did not affect the traditional Roman religion much. It continued to be practiced in the traditional ways. What happened was that many people converted to Christianity which became the religion of the masses in the empire. The number of adherents to the Roman religion became g ( Full Answer )

What are the traditions and values of afro-Asian countries?

Each nation that identifies itself as Afro-Asian has its owndistinct identity, both in itself as a nation and as a Afro-Asiannation. However, what many Afro-Asian nations share, traditionally,across the board, is a similar style of music and dance. It isstrongly reminiscent of those found in African ( Full Answer )

What are the traditions and values of Afro-Asian people?

A medicine and those who believe thank you .. awdawfrafaefa afro-asians is a hard working people and religious. they have different traditions, they are strong and bold. hopeful for every disaster came to themselves they stay strong and thankful. bweset mn diay moh wlay plos ning computera ni.. bog ( Full Answer )

What are the tradition and values of afro-Asian?

Each nation that identifies itself as Afro-Asian has its owndistinct identity, both in itself as a nation and as a Afro-Asiannation. However, what many Afro-Asian nations share, traditionally,across the board, is a similar style of music and dance. It isstrongly reminiscent of those found in African ( Full Answer )

What are the values and traditions of Africa and Asia countries?

Afro-Asian Literature . Afro-Asian Literature mirrors not only the customs and traditions of African and Asian countries but also their philosophy of life which on the whole are deeply and predominantly contemplative and hauntingly sweet. Afro-Asian Literature is the reflection of the storm and t ( Full Answer )

How are your traditions and values similar or different from them?

Traditions and values are similar between cultures due to the fact that they usually involve the wearing of certain clothing and eating of certain foods. These same traditions and values are considered different due to the specifics behind meaning and timing.

How much do you know Africa's values and traditions?

The continent of Africa is large and contains many different countries and national identities. The values and traditions of all of these identities are numerous and are not easily unified.

What are the traditions and values of Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela grew up with the tradition of listening to eldersdiscus and debate issues and continue until unity was achieved.Mandela values a democratic and free society in which all personslive together in harmony and with equal opportunities.

What are the traditions and values of africans?

Africa is too vast and different in its makeup to have single"values and traditions." They change from the north to south andeast to the west. Better question would be asked about thedifferent countries in Africa, or the different tribes in thosecountries in Africa.

Are this tradition and values stel practice today?

There are many traditions and practices from the past that are used today. Many practices and traditions within friendships, clans, groups, medicine, and families, all live on and are used throughout daily life.

What is Chinese values and traditions?

VALUES - Most social values are derived from Confucianism and Taoism . The subject of which school was the mostinfluential is always debated as many concepts such as Neo-Confucianism , Buddhism and many others have comeabout. Reincarnation and other rebirth concept is a reminder of theconne ( Full Answer )

How did artists in the byzantine empire enhance traditional roman art?

Byzantine art did not necessarily followed traditional Roman art. It developed new forms of art. Byzantine art produced great mosaics, frescoes, stained windows, icons, illuminated manuscripts (books with decorations such as decorated initials and borders and miniature illustrations). European il ( Full Answer )

Did roman slaves have traditions?

Roman slaves became slaves at the time, because they were eitherprisoners of war, born into slavery or were criminals beingpunished. Therefore, different slaves would have differenttraditions. There were educated slaves that would teach or cook,for example, and they were treated better. These slaves ( Full Answer )

What happen to the traditional Roman Republic?

There was not a traditional Roman Republic. There was just the Roman Republic. During her 1,200 years of her history, Rome had three political systems: a monarchy for 244 years (753-509 BC), a republic for 482 years (509-27 BC) and rule by emperors for 503 years (27 BC- 476 AD). The Republic was bro ( Full Answer )

What are the traditions and values of Indian peoples?

India is a large country with many different cultures, it would beinsulting to generalise regarding their culture, traditions andvalues, other than to say they a re a democratic country governedby laws, the richness of the culture is to be found in localdetail.