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I gave my husband a piece of art. You could give a watch or a pair of cufflinks. some good wine to start a cellar would be a nice idea. Not sure if this will help but I gave my husband a stop watched with his initials engraved on it..He loved it Think of something timeless, something that will remind him of you. You can either get something for your home, his office, or something he can use every day. It really depends on your husband-to-be. Some classic gifts include a pocket watch, cufflinks, personalized money clip, or a wine set. Feel free to get personal or a little expiramental. You can get him a sign for his garage, a new tool box, a grill set, a nice knife set, wine glasses, etc. He will be especially appreciative if you get him something he's always wanted, such as a hammock, or new Golf clubs, or a lazy boy. You don't have to go expensive, just know what he likes. Anything personalized will be great. It is something that he will cherish for many years and there is a lot of thought put into it. Key chains, money clips, cufflinks are all items that are classic and can be personalized.

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Q: What are traditional gifts for a bride to give her groom on their wedding day?
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What did the bride and groom wear on a Jewish wedding?

Traditional wedding clothes

When father of groom give gifts to bride and groom?

The father of the bride and groom can give the wedding gift to them the day of the wedding at home or, they can leave the gift on the gift table at the wedding reception. However, if it is of cash value it is better to give the bride and groom the money before the wedding.

In a Haitian wedding who does the traditional first dance the bride and groom or the groom and groom's mother?

the bride and the groom is first, then the bride and her father, and then the groom and his mother. After that the bride dance with her new dad and groom dance with his new mom.

Is the correct wording a groom-bride wedding or bride-groom wedding?

Bride Groom is the usual way I believe. The wedding is more about the bride so she is first.

Is it traditional to buy nightgown and pajamas for bride and groom from mother of the bride?

No, it is not traditional for the mother of the bride to buy a nightgown and pajamas for the bride and groom. Sometimes the groom may wear just his underwear; just wear pajama bottoms or even be in the buff. The bride should pick out a nice negligee for her wedding night.

What is worn at a Christian wedding?

It is up to the bride and groom but tradition has the bride in a wedding gown and the groom in a tuxedo.

Do wedding guests get given gifts for attending?

It depends on how much money the bride and groom have and if they want to spend extra for wedding favor's.

How does the bride groom exit the wedding?

With his bride.

Who buys the wedding bands for the bride and groom?

The groom should buy the engagement and wedding ring for his bride to be and the bride to be should buy the groom's wedding band.

Does the bride buy the wedding band for the groom?

It is customary for the bride to buy the wedding band for the groom. A

What does the bride give the groom on the wedding day?

In some weddings, the bride also gives the groom a wedding ring.

What do the bride and groom stand under in a Jewish wedding?

In a Jewish wedding the bride and the groom stand under a chuppah.

Should parents give wedding gift when they are paying for the wedding?

Yes, it's still a wedding and the bride and groom are embarking on a life together that traditionally guests (including family) help them furnish with gifts. The wedding itself could be considered a gift but in certain cultures it is traditional that the parents of the bride or of the groom shoulder the costs of a wedding. When parents throw birthday parties for their children or children throw anniversary parties for their parents, shouldn't they still bring a gift? Of course they should!. If you are attending an event that people usually bring gifts to, you are not excluded. Even the bride and groom exchange gifts to each other whether or not one of them decided to pay for the wedding without the help of the other.

Do the parents buy gifts for the bride and groom?

Both the bride and groom's parents generally buy them a wedding gift. It could be furniture or possibly money.

How far in advance should a Jewish wedding be planned?

There is no standard or traditional answer for this. It depends on what the bride and groom want.

What are traditional hawaiian wedding favors?

A traditional Hawaiian wedding includes flower leis as favors for guests as well as the bride and groom. A lei is symbol of love and respect.

What is a typical gift the groom gives to the bride?

Jewelry has always been the traditional wedding gift from the groom to the bride. It could be a locket; earrings; bracelet and perhaps have an engraving on the locket or bracelet.

Who does the page boy go to a wedding with bride or groom?


Can a guest send flowers to wedding ceremony?

Of course. The bride and groom are happy and grateful for any and all gifts they receive.

Who gives out gift to the bridesmaids at a wedding?

The bride or the bride and groom.

Do parents of groom and bride walk in with the wedding party at the wedding reception?

Traditionally no. The bride and groom enter as Mr. & Mrs. followed by the wedding party and the parents can follow behind or go ahead and mingle with the guests before the bride and groom enter the wedding reception.

Are parents of the bride and groom supposed to be present when they open their gifts from their wedding?

Not necessarily. My husband and I opened things received at the wedding later, after the wedding. We definitely didn't want company!

Is there an order to hand out wedding gifts?

No, there is no order in handing out weddinggifts. Some people may drop off or mail a wedding gift to the home of the bride; other people will bring the wedding gifts to the wedding reception and usually the gifts are not opened at wedding reception (parents will take the wedding gifts home with them while the bride and groom go off on their wedding night) and some married couples will wait a day or two and have a 'gift opening party' either at their home or at their parents home.

When you get married does the bride buy the groom the wedding ring or does he buy his and hers?

The groom buys the engagement ring and band for his bride to be and the bride to be buys the band for the groom.

How a christian wedding is different to an Islamic wedding?

In a Christian Wedding, the traditions from what the bride and groom prepares and wears to the traditional wedding symbols are different from that of the Islam wedding that is conducted in accordance to the Islamic Koran