What are transgender people?

Transgender people are people who decided to switch genders, either from FtM, or MtF. FtM trans people usually take T, or testosterone shots, to boost horomones that they are beinning to develop as a new gende. So basically, transgenders are people who completely switched from one gender to another.

Transgender people are those whose gender or sex differs from what they were assigned at birth.

When a person is born they are assigned either male or female based on external genitalia - despite that sex determination in humans is far more complex than the idea of penis=male/vulva=female. Our culture then assigns a gender to that person based on their sex, if they are male they are assumed to be boys and if they are female they are assumed to be girls. Trans people are those who are a different sex or gender to what was assigned to them at birth by doctors and their parents/culture.