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Usually we start with prescribing anti-inflammatory medication (or you can take over the counter ibuprofen, Alleve, etc.) and recommend wearing tighter fitting underwear, such as briefs or a jock-strap. If the pain continues or becomes severe, it's important to see a physician to make sure a varicocele is the only problem. There are surgical options available when the pain is severe, which include cutting out some of the excess vein and re-routing the blood flow (this is called a varicocelectomy). Most people who have varicoceles never experience pain and don't even know they have the condition unless a physician mentions it during a physical exam.

AnswerI'm also allergic to anti-inflamitory drugs like those. Anything else? AnswerThat depends what the "allergy" is. Many people say that they are allergic to a medicine if it makes them sick to their stomach or causes another minor side effect--this is not a true allergy, but a normal side effect of the medication. If the anti-inflammatory medications cause severe cramping, ulcers, or difficulty breathing/worsening of Asthma, then they truly should be avoided. If it is stomach upset, some physicians still prescribe medications such as Celebrex, which are supposed to not upset the stomach as much (although they still can). If none of the medications can be used, though, then the other treatments I mentioned will have to be used. Certainly a little ice to the area could help as well, although I wouldn't recommend applying it directly to the varicocele area. AnswerThank you. If it makes any difference I am truly allergic to aspirin (I actually took Motrin IB at the time which caused swelling, rash, and difficulty breathing).
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Q: What are treatments for varicocele pain?
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When do you have to operate a varicocele?

I don't believe you ever 'have to' have surgery for Varicocele. Some men choose to have surgery when it is causing them pain or when it is interfering in fertility.

If Varicocele cause no pain Should one operates it?


What the benefit of after varicocele surgery?

The benefits of varicocele surgery is that it gets rid of the pain and dragging sensation and in cases of infertility, the lowering of temperature can encourage and improve sperm production by the testis

Can you get a varicocele after having hernia repair surgery?

I think yes, I just had my right inguinal hernia repaired by open method and a week later I dad pain in my scrotum which is later diagnosed with right side varicocele . Before the hernia repair I did not have that pain.

Can constipation cause testicular pain?

Chronic Constipation as a Causative Factor for Development of Varicocele in Men - SOO YES Chronic Constipation as a Causative Factor for Development of Varicocele in Men - SOO YES

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Is using Viagra safe if you have a varicocele?

If you have a varicocele you need to have it fixed by your doctor. The longer a person goes with an untreated varicocele the more the chance they will develop infertilty or testicular cancer. Viagra is not an absolute contradindication for a varicocele per se, but it will increase the blood flow, and thus the heat in the area. So it will increase the risks already associated with the varicocele.

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You have been having testicular pain but it's only in the left testicle does anybody know what could be the cause for this?

If it is large and swelled looking then it could be a varicocele

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Varicose vein in the testicle?


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