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Pray. Have the dog sit and put lean against a couch or chair and put their two front legs together with their head bowed down on their legs (eyes hidden.) "Bang ... you're dead!" Teach your dog when you say "Bang" he'll fall back and pretend he's been shot. Pretending he is lame. You can teach the dog to limp or hop on 3 legs so it appears to others he's lame. Dogs CAN TELL COLORS so teach him to fetch a red ball instead of the blue or yellow one (my dog Tootsie can do this and she can also say her prayers.)

2006-08-03 04:07:55
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What tricks do cats do?

you can teach a cat how to shake a paw.stand up and dance and way more

What are some good dog tricks to teach a new dog?

There are several dog tricks that a new dog owner can teach a new dog. These tricks include sit, fetching a toy, roll over, speak, stand, shake, and play dead.

Which Pokemon in ruby already knows dig?

none. you have to teach it to them.

Can you teach tricks to your hamster?

Yes you can teach a hamster to do tricks

Can you teach a rat tricks?

Yes, it is possible to teach a pet rat tricks.

When can you teach your puppy tricks?

When ever you feel and the puppy is ready to do tricks teach it

How do teach Pokemon tricks in platinum ds?

Who told you that you could teach Pokemon tricks.

You want to teach tricks to your hamster how?

you really can't teach tricks to a hamster but if you can go to you tube and type hamster tricks

Can you teach angelfish to do tricks? can teach angelfish tricks like play dead,stand,ect.(and some more tricks)

Can a fat dog do tricks?

Of course, any dog can do tricks! Start with simple tricks like sit, stay, down, stand, and come. However, teach fun tricks like shake, roll over, take a bow (voice command = Ta-daa!) or jumping through a hoop.

What types of tricks can you teach your hamster to do?

you can teach it to chase

How do parakeets do tricks?

you teach them or someone else teach them

How many tricks can you teach your dogs on the ds game Nintendogs?

well u can teach it alot of tricks but only up to 4 tricks a day

How do you teach your budgie tricks?

you can teach budgies many tricks, but to list them all would be too hard. google it.

How do you teach budgies tricks?

you can teach budgies many tricks, but to list them all would be too hard. google it.

How can you teach a hamster to do tricks?

What kind of tricks do mother elephants teach there baby elephant?

what kind of tricks do mother elephants teach there baby elephants

What tricks can a girl beagle do?

Beagl;es and any dogs will perform whatever tricks you teach them, the more you teach the better they get.

How do you teach a hamster to do tricks?

with a whip

Can cats do tricks?

Yes, they can, if you teach them.

Do ants do tricks?

Yes, if you teach them.

Can you teach chinchillas to do tricks?

it is possible.

What do trainers teach the dolphins?


How do You do an obedience Trial On Nintendogs?

Well first you have to teach your dog some tricks. I think the first ones you have to teach are sit, lay down, and shake. When you're ready to do an obedience trial, go to the go out page, then choose contests, choose obedience, choose which dog you'll enter, then it will start. When it starts, they tell you what moves the dog has to do in order or for how long. Just do what they say. When it says free performance, then just do whatever tricks you want that it knows. And that's it. Good luck!

How many tricks can a Yorkshire Terrier learn?

ther isn't a limit to the amount of tricks she could learn, i have a yorkie, she knows 10 or 11 tricks and shes still learning. it is said that once u teach a yorkie something 15 times, comprehesively, they should get it!