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Brazil and Suriname Brazil is not spanish and it does not speak spanish

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Q: What are two South American countries where Spanish is not commonly spoken?
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What languages are spoken in Latin American countries?

Spanish Portuguese

What language is spoken in more latin American countries than any other?

Spanish is spoken in more Latin American countries than any other language.

What language is spoken in all South American countries except one?

There is no language that is spoken in all South American countries except one. You're thinking of Spanish, but Spanish is not spoken in:BrazilGuyanaFrench GuianaSurinameThe Falkland Islands

What is the most common Spanish spoken in America?

The spanish of Mexico is the most commonly spoken variety in the United States, also called North American Spanish.

Select the countries in Central America where Spanish is spoken?

Spanish is spoken in the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

What is the most commonly spoken language in south america?

It would have to be Spanish since most of the countries there have spanish as the main language.

What language is spoken most in latin American countries?

Spanish, followed by Portuguese.

Which Central American countries do not speak spanish?

Belize. Spanish is spoken unofficially. English remains the Official Language.

What is the most commonly spoken spanish?


What 2 main languages are spoken in South American Countries?

Ola the 2 main languages spoken in south American nations are Spanish and portugues tchau

Which South American countries have Spanish as their official language?

Spanish is spoken in many South American countries, but it is only "official" in these 7 countries: Colombia Peru Venezuela Ecuador Bolivia El Salvador Paraguay

Which Central American countries speak Spanish?

Spanish is spoken in all 7 Central American Countries however English remains the only Official language of Belize. (most Belizeans are bilingual)

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