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1: Yellow 2: tasty 3: fruity 4: curved.

I hope two work.

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Some adjectives that could describe a potato are bland, rough, freckled, blemished, crisp, starchy, & firm.

Adjectives describe virus. Deadly and contagious are two that pop to mind.

The compliment. adjectives

There are three adjectives because an adjective describes a noun. Hot is an adjective because it describes sun, two is an adjective because it tells how many glasses you drank, and cold is an adjective because it describes water.

There are five adjectives that describes the word rake. The five are apple, fall, pumpkin, cobweb and leafs.

"Other writings also supplied helpful information." The adjectives in the sentence are other and helpful. An adjective is a word that describes something. Other describes what kind of writings. Helpful describes what kind of information.

Two adjectives for a miser could be frugal and stingy.

A conjunction connects words, for example, the word 'and' is a conjunction in the phrase 'apples and bananas'. An active describes another word, for example, the word 'red' is an adjective in the phrase 'the red ball'. This sentence has a conjunction and two adjectives: I saw a ship and a giant white whale. (Giant and white are both adjectives describing the whale.)

adjectives that best describes a child are:the child has a SMOOTH skin.the child is always CRYING when her mother will go somewhere.

There are five adjectives to the word cobweb. The five adjectives are fall, leafs, pumpkins, rake and apple.

What is two adjectives for being?

Adjectives that describes fire are bright, glowing, smoky, cracking, snapping, and hot.

Adjectives describe nouns.

Nouns are described by adjectives.

Sentence: The pastry chef ate a pink cake. Adjectives: Pastry, pinkWhy? Because adjectives describe nouns. Chef is a noun and pastry describes the kind of noun. Cake is a noun and pink describes the kind of cake.

Types of AdjectivesCoordinate Adjectives,Demonstrative Adjectives,Descriptive Adjectives,Distributive Adjectives,Indefinite Adjectives,Interrogative Adjectives,Possessive Adjective,Predicate Adjectives,Proper Adjectives,Quantitative Adjectives,Sequence Adjectives,Articles as Adjectives,An Adjectival Attitude.

The adjectives are costal and Pacific states. Costal describes drive. Pacific states describes vacation.

The two kinds of adjectives are Limiting adjectives and Predicate adjectives: Limiting adjectives specify or limit the noun Predicate adjectives follows a linking verb or modifies the subject of the sentence.

two adjectives for a Mansa Musa

I think it's three adjectives because two answers the question "how many?", large answers the questions "what kind?", and your is a pronoun used as an adjective in that situation because your further describes the evergreens

Amazing, Reliable, & Noteworthy

Nouns don't describe, adjectives describe. The adjectives that come to mind about fire are 'hot' or 'burning'.

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