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There are many different bird species that are adapted to obtain food in their environment. Finches are an excellent example.

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How fungus is adapted to obtain its food?


How does an animals behavior and structure allow it to obtain energy from its environment?

It allows it to obtain because when it looks at other animals sharing the habitat they behave different

How are the roots of desert plants adapted to the environment?

Usually they will either have shallow rots to capture water from rain or deep tap roots to obtain water deeper within the soil. Different plants will often spread their roots at separate depths in order to avoid competition for water

What are some ways reptiles have adapted?

They possess lungs to obtain oxygen from air. Their sensory organs are adapted for smelling, hearing, generally sensing on land. The reptile egg, containing everything an embryo needs and covered by a protective shell, allows it to survive in hot and dry environment.

Which bird is adapted to swim under water to obtain food?


How does zaroff obtain the species he hunts and how does he justify his hunting this species?


How do scientist obtain information about extinct species?

they do

What does the plant obtain from the environment?

carbon dioxide

How do you breed your fish?

There are almost as many different ways of breeding fish as there are different species. Firstly you research and obtain knowledge about the particular species of fish you wish to breed. You then prepare an environment which will fulfill those specifications perfectly. If you have done everything correctly the fish will breed and then your only problem will be to rear the young followed by the problem of disposing of the young fish you have reared (if any)plez help how do you breed a fish

How do you obtain CO2 from environment?

From plants when not receiving sunlight.

How did the iroquois use their environment to obtain food?

i dont now

When populations of two species work together to obtain resources?

this is cooperation.

What happens when experimental probability is repeated?

You obtain an estimate of the probability that will usually be different from previous result(s).You obtain an estimate of the probability that will usually be different from previous result(s).You obtain an estimate of the probability that will usually be different from previous result(s).You obtain an estimate of the probability that will usually be different from previous result(s).

What uses a pseudopod to move through their environment and obtain food?

An amoeba

Why do species compete with other species?

Most environments do not have sufficient resources to support unlimited populations of all the species present. Different species that have the same requirements for habitats and food will attempt to maximize their own use of the resources. Sometimes this will occur through changes in behavior, and sometimes by alterations in the species itself to better compete. "Survival of the fittest" means that a less-well-adapted species may die out if it cannot obtain food and safe habitats. Which applies and has applied to ever species in the history of existence except for humans. For some reason we have a government that goes above and beyond its duties and does everything for its population. Wonder why democracies only have a lifespan of about 200 what was said previously: survival of the fittest. Darwin had it right.

What two species can produce an offspring but the offspring isn't fertile?

A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.Horses and donkeys are different species, with different numbers of chromosomes.Of the two hybrids between these two species, a mule is easier to obtain than a hinny (the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey).All male mules and most female mules are infertile.

How do different types of populations obtain their food?

Different types of different populations obtain their food in a variety of ways. Fish for example swim to catch their food.

How do adaptations affect an organisms ability to survive in their environment?

they can obtain food easily and keep themselves safe and warm in a particular environment.

How do lions obtain their food?

... I believe you mean obtain. Lions obtain their food by running it down. The female lions (Called lionesses) usually do the hunting. They prefer to eat wildebeest, warthogs, zebras, buffalo and different types of antelope. In India, lions eat several different species of deer, as well as wild boar. They usually sneak up to a herd of something-or-another, and corner the slow ones as a pack.

Which dinosaurs are stronger herbivores or carnivores?

There is no specific evidence proving the "strength" of different dinosaurs. However, carnivores adapted to killing other dinosaurs so they could obtain meat for survival. Herbivores adapted to be longer and more defensive, so as to reach tall trees and defend from attacking dinosaurs. It can be assumed that carnivores were the better killers and hunters.

What effect does variation development have on a species?

If you mean variation development as in a genetic mutation within a certain species, it can have a very significant effect on that species. genetic mutation is the first step to Darwin's theory of evolution and survival of the fittest. Because of the mutation that occurs within an animal of the species, it will have the potential to either die quickly because of it, or outlive its fellow animals, because it's mutation was actually beneficial to its survival, such as a bird obtaining a different shaped beak and therefore being able to obtain more food in its habitat than the others. The bird with the mutated gene, having outlived some of the non-mutated bird, will then reproduce to breed more birds with changed-beaks--as the cycle goes on, the species changes to adapt to its surroundings through many hundreds of generations of offspring and therefore forming the species to its environment and even, potentially creating a whole new species. Overall, variation development helps a species survive and grow to best fit their environment and their needs as a species to survive and reproduce.

How do jaguars obtain energy?

Jaguars are consumers and predators. This means that they obtain energy from eating other animals. Jaguars are known as keystone species, meaning that they help maintain the ecosystems in which they live by controlling the populations of the species that they prey upon.

What must plant and animal species do in order for each species to survive?

The main things:obtain energy and nutrientsdispose of wastesreproduce

How do animals obtain their nutrition?

Animals eat plants or other animals, depending on their species.

Some societies have different perspectives of the use of technology Which technological concern would most likely be most relevant for the people living in this environment?

Looking for ways to obtain water from the earth. (apex)