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Cd and scanner

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Q: What are two input devices used to store photos and also data?
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What are the input devices of a tablet PC?

The keyboard and the mouse or mouse pad are the input devices. However there may also be a camera and a microphone in some tablets and these too are input devices.

The mouse and keyboard are also sometimes called?

input devices

What are the three basic components of a computer?

It would be input devices (keyboard, mouse), output devices (monitor, printer), and processing devices (CPU). You could also include storage devices, and they typically are both input and output devices.

Why is a flash drive an input devices?

A: It is both in input and output device. data can be stored there and also retrived from there

Is a xerox an input device?

A Xerox machine is a machine marketed by the Xerox corporation. Xerox corporation offers many output devices (printers) and also input devices (scanners).

How do computers get information?

Computers get information through various input devices such as keyboards and barcode scanners. Also, there are devices that can be for either input or output, such as disc drives and tape drives.

What are 3 computer input devices?

Computer input devices are anything that allows a user to control a computer or inputs information into a computer. These devices may include your mouse, keyboard, or gaming controller. They may also include devices such as your microphone or camera.

Is a monitoir an input or output?

A monitor is mostly an output device. However, touch-screen monitors also are input devices.

Input and output devices used in banking?

input devices are used not only to enter data into a computer but also the instruction or program that tell the computer what to do for eg:keyboard, mouse,joystick etc.

Input output devices used in banks?

input devices are used not only to enter data into a computer but also the instruction or program that tell the computer what to do for eg:keyboard, mouse,joystick etc.

How are input and output devices used in a supermarket?

Here are the input and output devices in a supermarket and their roles:Cameras - These are input devices for the store security system. Their security office has computers, I/O storage devices (often hard drives), and monitors for output devices so their loss management team can watch suspicious customers.Checkout lights - While not a computer component, these are output devices that let the customer know if the register is open or closed. If they are flashing, then that signals that a manager is needed, or that the cashier has left to get the manager or do a price check.Keypads - These are input devices used for the cashier and/or the customer to enter data. For the cashier or manager, it is to enter price overrides and to enter prices or SKU codes of unmarked merchandise. For the customer, it is for entering their pin number.Loss management sensors - These are primarily input devices in that they use RF signals to detect if there is unpaid merchandise. But they are also output devices when a detection is made, since they sound alarms and flash lights to alert the possibility of theft.Price scanner - This is an input device that reads the UPC codes so the prices can be determined.Receipt printer - This is an output device that prints the receipts for the customers. This could be a part of a cash register or a separate device that is attached to a point of sale system or computer.Scales - These are primarily input devices in that they input data from the weight of the products. They are also used as security devices in self-check registers. They can also be output devices if they display the weight of the product.Video terminals - These are output devices that are used to show the cashier and the customer the prices and to allow the cashier to operate the system. There are also video terminals in the security office.

Which device can be consider as a input and out put device?

In relation to computers, there are many devices that can be considered input/output devices: Input: Mouse Keyboard Graphics Tablet Microphone Scanner Output: Monitor Speaker Printer Also, a touchscreen monitor can be considered both an input and output device.

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