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Hinduism mostly believe in a God and reincarnation.

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Q: What are two key beliefs of Hinduism?
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What are the key teachings and beliefs of Hinduism?

to not hurt

What are the key beliefs of Hinduism?

it was to smoke weed

What are the two beliefs of Hinduism?

Shiva and reincarnation

What are two major beliefs of hinduism?

karma and dharma

Sikhs blend the beliefs of which two religions?

Hinduism and Islam

What two beliefs created Hinduism?

Umm. The Dandrum of water

Are Hinduism and Judaism the same thing?

No, they are two very different religions and always have been.No. Hinduism are two very different religions, with different origins and beliefs.

Which two combined to form Hinduism?

Hinduism was developed from Brahmanism. Brahmanism accepted and adapted many different beliefs and values and thus developed into Hinduism.

What two ancient peoples beliefs blended to form Hinduism?

The Aryans and the Dravidians

What are the five major beliefs in Hinduism?

The five major beliefs in Hinduism is Brahman,multiple duties,

Which two groups' religious beliefs formed the basis of Hinduism?

Buddhism was formed on bases oh Hinduism. Also jainism & shikkhism was formed on the basis of Hinduism.

What are some shared beliefs betwenn Buddhism and Hinduism?

Some of the shared beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism are rebirth and Karma

What is the beliefs of mohenjo-daro?


What is Hinduism beliefs?

Gods and Godesses

What are Hinduism beliefs that if they die where would they go?

One of Hinduism beliefs when they die they move onto a place called Summerland.

What are the key beliefs in Hinduism?

Modern day Hinduism is very confusing. There are different sects, different Gods, different scriptures. But original Hinduism is known as Sanatana Dharma. It is a way of life. It teaches us that we are not this body that will die, we are not even the Mind and Ego that says its ME, we are the Divine Atman, the Soul, the Spirit. This is the key teaching of Sanatana Dharma or original Hinduism. Our goal is to realize we are the Soul; to be liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth; to overcome Maya or the cosmic illusion; to transcend Karma and to unite with the Divine- these are the key beliefs.

What is the link between the aryans and Hinduism?

Hinduism grew out of the ancient beliefs of the Aryans.

What is the link between Aryan and HINDUISM?

Hinduism grew out of the ancient beliefs of the Aryans.

What is the link between the Aryan's and Hinduism?

Hinduism grew out of the ancient beliefs of the Aryans.

Which two ancient civilizations are said to be combined some of their beliefs and pratises to make Hinduism?

i dont know it

What are the Hinduism beliefs about god?

Being Hindu

What inspired Gandhi's religious beliefs?


What were the religious beliefs of the early Aryans?


What is Hinduism's foundational beliefs?

Gods and Godesses

What is one of the basic beliefs of Hinduism?

One of the basic beliefs of Hinduism out of the 9 beliefs is that belief is each living creature on this planet has a soul, and all these souls are superpower and spiritual.