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1. to be self evident, 2. they are endowed by their creators with certain unalienable rights, and 3. the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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What is the third part of Declaration of Independence?

The third part of the Decloration of Independence is the national rights

What term in the decloration of independence is like the term basic freedoms?

inalienable rights

Thomas Jefferson and the Decloration of Independence?

Jefferson signed the Decloration of Independence.

What are the three main parts of the decloration of independence?

1. natural rights from birth 2. british wrongs 3. declaring independence

What did the magna carta English bill of rights decloration of independence the french decleration of independence and the US bill of rights have in common?

Those documents have absolutely nothing in common, since not all of them exist.

The back of the decloration of independence?

the is a map on it

When was the Decloration of Independence created?


What was the main reason for writing the decloration of independence?

To declare independence.

When was the decloration of independence signd?

July 4, 1776. Declaration of Independence.

What did the colonists want to achieve from the decloration of independence?

Obviously, they wanted their independence.

Where was the decloration of independence signed?

At The bottom Of The Paper

Who drafted the decloration of independence?

Benjemen Franklin

First to sign decloration of independence?

John handcock

What state was the decloration of independence signed?

Washington DC

How many deligetes signed the decloration of independence?


Who was first to sign the decloration of independence?

John Hancock

Who wrote the Decloration of Independence in 1836?

Thomas Jefforson

How did all 13 colonies get there freedom?

from the decloration of independence

What day was the decloration of independence?

The 4th July in America

Everbody that signed the Decloration of Independence?

John Hancock

Did Benjamin Frankin sign the Decloration Independence?


Where did Jefferson get the ideas for rights in Decloration of independence?

Jefferson got the ideas form John Locke and John Locke got the ideas from Roman history.

What is are the human rights written on?

the human rights are written on the universal decloration of human rights

When did the decloration of independence was signed?

july 4, 1776. Thats why we celebrate independence day!!

What day was the decloration of independence signed?

July 4, 1776

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