What are two types of mines?

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The two basic types of mines are the open pit mine and the underground mine. They are quite self-explanatory.

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Q: What are two types of mines?
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What are the three types of mines?

Strip mines,Openpit mines & shaft mines

How many vessels did magnetic mines destroy in World War 2?

There were many types of mines used in World War Two. Magnetic mines were some of them.

What are some types of mines?

Open cast mines, coal mines, silver mines, land mines.

What are types of mines?

coal mining

Types of mines?

Diamond, Coal, Salt, etc.

Which country mines several types of minerals?


What type of mines did the Confederates use in the US Civil War?

The Confederates used two types of mines, they were either self acting ones or ones controlled as Samuel Colt had experimented with. The self acting mines exploded on contact when a vessels hull came into contact with it. The controlled mines were set off from shore by a concealed observer. When a targeted Union vessel came close to the mine's location, a switch was clicked on and the mine exploded. Most of the Confederate mines were of the self acting types.

Are there gold and diamond mines?

Yes, there are gold mines and yes, there are diamond mines. The two resources have not been mined from the same mine.

What Latin American country mines several types of minerals?


What types of factories existed during the industrial revolution?

Textile Factories, Mines.

Are there diamonds or mines in Missouri?

No Diamond mines in Missouri, there was volcanic activity and all the conditions exist for the formation of the diamonds but none have been found. There are many other types of mines in Missouri from Limestone to Lead.

What do mines look like?

There are several different types of mines. Some are cut on the surface and are dug hundreds of feet downward. Other mines are shafts and drifts that sometime go for many miles through solid rock.

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