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What are two ways force is described?

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strength, and direction.

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What are two ways to describe light?

light can be described in two ways, 1 light can be described as energy, 2 it can also be described as a wave.

3 ways in which a force vector can be described?

use duct-tape

What are two ways that a substance can be described?

mixture or a compound

What are two ways that forces are described?

strength and direction

List two ways in which impulse can be increased?

What are the two ways to increase impulse?Ans. Increase force or increase the time that the force is applied.

How is a force described?

A force is described by its magnitude and by the direction in which it acts.

Which is described as the force holding two atoms together?

chemical bond

A places location can be described in two ways?

to wys is adrees and zipcode

In what ways can a force change the motion of an object?

Dynamic Equilibrium was first described by Galileo as a contradiction of Aristotle.

A 20 newton force moves an object southeast What two properties of force have been described?

direction and magnitude

What is described as the force holding two atoms together?

Chemical Bond I think

What are two ways that a force can change speed?

friction \

What are two ways to describe motion?

Motion is very noticeable if you are not moving and the other one is. You can easily see moving vehicles if you are standing still. You can also tell if another person is moving when you are standing still.

What is are two ways to describe a cirrus cloud?

A cirrus cloud can be described as wispy and feathery.

Describe two ways to change the frictional force between two solid surfaces?

change the exerted force and change the surface

Definition of a contact force?

a contact force is a force that acts at the point of contact between two objects,in contrast to body forces. It is described by Newton's laws of motion

In what two ways can a machine alter an input force?

1. Take a small input and you get a large force.

What is current force?

Current force is described as voltage.

Weight is described as?

As a force.

A gravitational force can be described as what?

A force of attraction between two separated masses. A single mass also has a scalar gravitational potential field around it.

What are two ways to increase the acceleration of an object?

Decrease the mass, and change the force.

What are the two ways you can apply a force to an object?

you can push the object or you can pull the object

What are major ways in which the Information Revolution has changed the labor force of American culture?

Name two ways in which the information Revolution has changed the kabor force of American and world culture

Which law described by Isaac Newton reveals that the distance between two objects will affect the force between them?


What are the ways in describing a function?

A formula or graph are two ways to describe a math function. How a math function is described depends on the domain of the function or the complexity of the function.

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