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What are types of LSD?


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August 01, 2011 6:20PM

LSD, due to it's very low dose, can be put onto almost anything. A single street dose is 25 to 100 micrograms, meaning a single gram of pure powder can yield 10000-40000 doses.

For this reason it is rarely sold as a pure powder, as it can be very dangerous to handle in this state.

It is most commonly sold either dissolved into liquid so that one drop is equivalent to a dose, or on small squares of blotter paper approximately 5mm in size with designs printed on them.

There are also less common forms that are rarely found on the street, such as:

Small squares of gelatin(called windowpanes)

Very small pressed pills(called microdots)

sugar cubes(often used to hold a liquid dose for future use)

It can also be dropped onto almost anything, food, candy, etc...

Since LSD is an extremely fragile molecule, this is usually not done for long term storage or for sale, as the LSD can react with the food and be destroyed rather quickly.