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auto insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, home insurance, vision insurance

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: What are types of insurances that employers can provide and remain profitable?
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What is the primary reason for employers to purchase insurance plans to provide health benefits to their employees?

To remain competitive with other employers for good employees.

At what age will you get kicked off your parents health insurance?

As long as you are still attending school, most health insurances will let you remain on your parents plan.

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This is a trick question when employers ask it. You should not answer with real annoyances, you should remain positive.

what did you find most frustrating about you job?

This is a trick question when employers ask it. You should not answer with real annoyances, you should remain positive.

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Is workers compensation required in TX?

Texas is the only voluntary Comp state. But employers remain liable for the workers' injuries AND should opt out correctly - according to the state rules, filing their decision with the state and posting the proper notice to employees and to subcontractors who lack coverage. Why subcontractors who lack coverage? Because employers are liable to them too. Employers in all states need to realize they remain liable if they don't have coverage, that their employees and their employees' families can sue them - and in most states, subcontractors and their families can sue too.

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