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What is taken from rain forests?

Wood is taken from rain forests, so much that today's rain forests are a fraction of their original size. Medicines can be made from chemicals in rain forest plants.

Where is oak wood found?

In oak forests !

What kind of products or ingredients are from the rain forests?

Wood is one of the most important products also some rare herbs and medicines are available from rain forests.

What is the jewel bugs habitat?

south amaica rain forests and wood land

How are the tropical rain forests beneficial?

Tropical rain forests are beneficial because we can get exotic plants and animals, and we can get wood. The more common answer is to get exotic plants and animals, though.

Where can wood be found?

in trees/ forests ps improve if you can

Should the worlds rain forest be cut to provide wood for people's needs?

No, the world's rain forests should not be cut because if you cut them , then it wont be a rainforests anymore. But I also think that you should cut down the rain forests but not all of it. if you do cut down the rain forests , then it will be a good thing because we need paper and wood but the animals wont have a place to live anymore.

Why were forests chopped down in Europe?

Humans damaged and destroyed European forests because wood provides wood to burn for fuel and to use as building material for ships and houses. Also acid rain caused the trees to die.

What are the three ways rain forest are used and two ways they are threatened?

Two ways rain forests are threatened are:they are being cut downthey are being used for farmingThree ways rain forests are used are:to sell expensive woodto develop new medicinesfor lumber companies.

What are threats to rain forests?

People are cutting down rain forest to grow bamboo, make paper, clear room for roads and build houses out of the wood. If only there was a way to stop them.

Is a wood thrush endangered?

The wood thrush (Hylocichla Mustelina) is a quite common species, found in forests and woodlots over much of North America.

Are forest important?

Yes forests are very important to man and animal as well, as we get wood, and rain because of them the world is a good place to live in.

What does the rainforest give us?

rain forests gives us food medicines ,paper,rubber, toiletpaper, wood, rainforest fruits and mahogany.

What are some cool made up names for rain forests?

The Cloud Forest, Glenwood, Misty Woodland, Alari Wood Just think on it

How can we the people keep the rain forests safe?

we can curtail the amount of paper we use and wood we chop and leave certain places as untouched as possible.

Where is cedar wood found?

=== === The majority of Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) grows in coastal forests.Please see related link below.cedar wood can be mostly found in Canada

Where would one find Jarrah wood?

Jarrah wood is wood from a specific species of Eucalyptus tree - Eucalyptus marginata. These trees can frequently be found in forests in the southwestern areas of Western Australia.

Where is xylo found?

Xylo is word that refers to forestry and references wood. Therefore xylo can be found in places like forests, parks, lakes, and mountains.

Why are people hurting forests?

because people want wood for building, mostly buildings. forests are a plentiful supply of wood. so, people screw up forests.

What things are obtained from the forests?


What is damaging forests?

wood cuters

Why are they cutting trees in the rain forest?

they could be cutting down trees in forests because they need wood to build things, to get paper. Hope that helps a bit. :)

What are the general uses of forests?

Wood, recreation.

Why do humans cut down forests?

for wood

What are the raw materials produced by forests?