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Friction is when you roll a Bowling ball down an bowling alley or when you kick a soccer ball. Hope this helped

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Q: What are uses of friction?
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Related questions

How does friction apply to softball?

anything that has contact with the ground uses friction...pushing of the ground when running, batting, or throwing definitely uses friction. The grip on the ball when pitching and throwing has friction as well.

What are uses of a magnet?


What sports uses static or friction?


What surface uses the least amount of friction?

wet surfaces like tiles have the least amount oof friction

What are the Advantages of rolling friction?

It uses the least amount of work with little friction so it is efficient as well as easy.

Friction block uses?

for the use of life. , it will contribute to the country.

Misuse and uses of friction?

We fell down frm a banana pile

What are the uses of decreasing or increasing friction in daily life?

applying a brake

5 uses for friction?

heat slowing things down

When the carpenter uses a saw it becomes hot give reasons?

Moving a blade through a dense material like wood creates friction . Friction creates heat.

Is it true or false that The brake system uses friction to stop the vehicle?

True. Brakes use friction between the pads and rotors or shoes and drums to stop vehicles.

Uses Of Friction?

reduces or stops moving objects so that incidents may not occur

What is the example effect of desirable friction?

Very simply, desirable friction can be found on cars. Brakes are a good example. Another one is when you rub your hands together to produce heat. Striking a match is another and also uses a chemical reaction to produce a flame. All friction produces heat and many hundreds of uses have been found to utilise this heat.

What are some different uses of fluids?

For example-------- oil is added to the engine of a car to decrese friction

What are the advantages and disadvantages of kinetic friction?

A disadvantage of friction is; if it's speed you're looking for, a disavantage of kinetic friction, is that it is a source of energy, that will slow down. The advantage I'm about to say, uses the same principals. You are able to apply friction to slow dow. e.g. the brakes in a car.

Give 5 uses of friction?

Writing Writing with a pencil requires friction. You could not hold a pencil in your hand without friction. It would slip out when you tried to hold it to write. The graphite pencil led would not make a mark on the paper without friction. A pencil eraser uses friction to rub off mistakes written in pencil lead. Rubbing the eraser on the lead wears out the eraser due to friction, while the particles worn off gather up the pencil lead from the paper. Driving car Your car would not start moving if it wasn't for the friction of the tires against the street. With no friction, the tires would just spin. Likewise, you could not stop without the friction of the brakes and the tires

How does softball use friction?

Friction can be found everywhere in softball. Most evident is when players use cleats when playing. ground force reaction is one visible from of friction. Another is when the pitcher uses the seam of the ball when pitching and another would be when players slide

Why the maglev train is much quieter and uses less energy?

No contact with the ground (thus less friction).

What is the generator that uses friction to produce a large static charge on a metal dome?


What is one helpful way friction affects a car?

Brakes use friction to stop the car. . The serpentine belt uses friction between the belt and the pulleys to power the secondary systems (water pump, alternator, power steering pump, A/C pump, etc.)

Who uses graphite?

The Piano manufacturing process of wooden parts used to use graphite as a lubricant to reduce friction.

Why does a motor produces less mechanical energy than the energy it uses?

It spends energy overcoming friction in the motor.

What are the ten good uses of friction?

fricion can be used in machines, brakes in a car, sandpaper, lighting a match and rubbers.

When the caepenter uses a saw it b comes hot?

The saw becomes hot due to the friction against the wood.

Were friction can be useful?

A fire drill is a drill that uses friction to start a fire. It can be very useful when trying to survive in the wilderness Without friction everything would be so slippery that we would have trouble walking or holding anything. Vehicle brakes work thanks to friction between the brake and the wheel. Without that, or the friction on the road, cars would never stop. The list goes on... and on... and on.