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You need to have a doctor observe those tiny bumps, which seem to be pus-filled from your description. It sounds like one of the forms of herpes. It is quite possible to acquire any of the strains of herpes through oral sex. go see a doctor you can contract an std from recievingh oral sex

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How do you know if youre a virgin?

You know if you are a virgin because you know you have never had sex.Zero penis' have touched your vagina.

Is true that a virgin vagina is tighter than a non virgin vagina?

There is no difference.

What is the difference between a vagina and a virgin?

Speaking only of females; Every virgin owns a vagina but not every vagina belongs to a virgin. A vagina is female genitalia while a virgin is someone (male or female) who has not engaged in sexual relations.

How did Shh get it for the first time?

Well. A teenie bit of drinking + A bed + A vagina + A penis + Moaning like a virgin = Touched for the very first time.

Are you still a virgin if your cherry pops but he does it by fingering you?

Yes, if a penis has never entered your vagina you are still a virgin. Even if your cherry does pop your okay. I worried the same thing before but, your still a virgin as long as a penis doesn't eneter your vagina.

During sex you found her vagina loose was she a virgin?

The tightnes or loosenes of the vagina has absolutely nothing to do with wether she is a virgin.

Does the vagina of a virgin look different from the vagina of someone whos not a virgin?

yes, when you have sex a wall or tissue in your V breaks

What does tight vagina mean?

Your a virgin.

Can virgin girls can get pregnant by playing with vagina?

A virgin female can not become pregnant by manipulating any vagina, hers or another person's.

How deep is the vagina in a virgin girl?

Just as deep as a non-virgin as the vagina goes back to normal size after sex, pregnancy.

I am not a virgin but even before i was one i had this white slimy stuff that smells and comes out of your vagina. What is that?

A yeast infection.

When is a male not a virgin?

When his penis is insertted into a vagina

Images of virgin vagina?

A virgin vagina looks just like any other - there is no difference. When losing one's virginity the hymen does not break either, as it does not close the vagina. So just google for vaginas and you'll know what a virgin one looks like.

If your boyfriend fingers you does that still make you a virgin?

yes. you are still a virgin. You are only not a virgin when the penus enters the vagina

How tight is a female virgin's vagina?

The vagina is always really tight whether she is a virgin or not.

How do you know when you're not a virgin?

If you have had sex, then your not a virgin. (sex meaning a penis has entered your vagina)

How does virgin have self sex?

A female virgin can have safe self sex/satisfaction either by penetrating the vagina with clean fingers or by rubbing the vagina and clitoris with her hands.

How do know when you are not a virgin?

you are not a virgin if you're a woman, if something foreign enters your vagina. for example finger even your finger, that doesn't mean that you had sex with someone but the moment something enters your vagina you're not considered a virgin.

Is it possible for a virgin to get pregnant in a case where pre-ejaculate fluid enters her vagina?

A virgin can get pregnant just as easily as someone who has has sex before. And yes, there is a chance of getting pregnant from precome.

If you got fingered are you still virgin?

uhm yes. your no longer a virgin when a dick enters your vagina.

What different between virgin vagina and non virgin?

ones tighter and doesnt bleed as much

Can a male penetrate a virgin vagina easily?


Can a doctor tell if your a virgin by looking a your vagina?


Is it normal for a virgin to have s flappy vagina?

Its possible

Is there any problem after or before licking a virgin girls vagina?

no! not at all . if your gf has on vd then it is green signal for tasting and eating the virgen vegina

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