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What are wal-mart's sales?

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No there are no Walmarts in Jamaica.

There are 1200 walmarts nationwide.

How many walmarts in canadaAnswer this question…

about 119 Walmarts in Africa

Are all walmarts open totay.

There are 3,900 Walmarts in the U S A

There are about 800 WALMARTS in the US.

There are at least 2 WalMarts that are in Lexington Kentucky.

some walmarts mostly only at super walmarts

I believe there are eleven walmarts in Texas including super walmarts

No, there are not any Walmarts open in Houston or anywhere in the US on Christmas.

Most Walmarts don't pierce ears at all. It is quite rare to find one that does.

Our walmarts here in Ohio have the tigerpaw machines with them in them. Their located at the exits I dont know if all walmarts have these or not?

The most likely reason that there are not Walmarts in a war zone is danger and the areas are not safe for employees or customers.

The logo is on their main page.

wolmarts competeder is Kroger

rolling back prices :)

in the 1899 to the 1982

7063357563 commerce walmart

Because their all Targets.

THe best place to find some advice for strtchmark creams is by going to Meijers walmarts or target and asking a sales associate. Otherwise another great place is to ask your doctor.

no, walmart is not only in the US

No. There are no Wal-marts in Germany.

Some WalMarts do, some don't. If there is not enough volume of sales to justify the costs (licensing, staffing, secure storage, accounting for guns) they will not sell them- poor business to lose money.

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