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Christian soccer moms b*tch to the government and get them to set up the fascist FCC. This is an evil organization bent on removing all profanity and nudity from public broadcast.

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Q: What are ways people censor media?
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To what extent should the government act as a media censor; especially in regard to violent content directed at young people?

To what extent should the government act as a media censor; especially in regard to violent content directed at young people?

Why isn't BBC allowed in Iran?

Because the Iranian government control and censor all media in the country and they can't censor the BBC.

How has wireless media affected telecommunication?

With all of the advancements made in wireless media, many are able to communicate in a variety of ways. Whether it be text messaging, video call, or social media, people have ways of telecommunication.

What is one area where the government can censor broadcast media?

compromise of national security

Why is the government able to control broadcast media more easily than print media?

The FCC cannot censor stations but can withhold licenses.

Who governs the freedom of media in Canada?

no one does the government gives media freedom rights but have some powers to censor media during times. but tv stations stop the playing some shows and news not the government

How did the government censor the media during World War 2?

Conscription..... which means men were forced to go to war?!

How do media portray food choices?

The media typically portrays food choices in edible ways. Some media will include attractive women in ads to make people want certain food choices.

What roles does the federal communications commission have in regulating the media?

although the FCC cannot censor broadcasts, it can penalize stations that violate its rules.

What are the various ways in which mass media gives out information?

Media outlets

A sentence for the word censor?

The censor gave the film an R-rating. They might censor that word from your story.

What is the purpose of mass media?

Mass media are the means of communication that is used in order to communicate and transfer information in general public. These can also a source of entertainment in some ways. The mass media also aim to educate people.

What are the negative impact of media on Indian society?

The Indian people are very traditional. The negative impact of media on the Indian culture is the shift into non traditional thinking and ways of life.

What does 'bleep' mean?

It is typically used to censor bad words in a body of literature or even in songs or other media where offensive words may be found.

When was El Censor created?

El Censor was created in 1993.

When was Censor - film - created?

Censor - film - was created in 2001.

Role of media in for daily life?

media can change our daily lives in different ways.

What was the name of the person who decided what news people heard during ww2?

The censor.

What is the definition of the word censor?

To censor is to remove or suppress objectionable material.

What has the author Censor written?

Censor. has written: 'Don't'

What actors and actresses appeared in El censor - 1989?

The cast of El censor - 1989 includes: Juan Carlos de la Cal as Joven censor Cris de la Huerta as Censor Jefe

What is the role or media in ebusiness?

e business has helped develop the media industries in many ways

Remove censor from sims 2 for ps2?

Nope, you can't remove the censor.

Who made the film 'Censor' to ridicule the Indian Censor Board?

Dev Anand

When was Don't Censor Me created?

Don't Censor Me was created on 1993-10-01.