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What are ways to present information to an audience?


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November 07, 2007 2:10AM

It all depends on the size and venue of the event. For small meetings, one could use a small multimedia projector (for PPT reports) and handout for quick references. Or if the said meeting is just informal and brief, the facilitator could just have a casual conversation - even a short coffee break meeting. In the case of large conferences, a large multimedia overhead projector must be used, with ample hand-outs. An open-forum should be encouraged in order to determine and solicit the audience's views about the issues discussed. Simply, put, the ways to present information is entirely dependent on the venue of the said, and on the kind and size of audience. But more important si the manner on how the facilitator presents the issues - how confident he/she is, how credible his/her views are, how critical his/her judgment is and how open his/her volition is on accepting inputs, comments and other ideas during open forums.