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On their own, each person can reduce their noise pollution amounts by... *Rakeing leaves by hand, don't use a noisy leaf blower. *Triming bushes or shrubs by hand, don't use a noisy bush trimmer. *Sound proof rooms that might have music conducted in them, like a room with a piano or if someone in the hosue plays drums or guitar or whatever. This can be done simply with curtains, window inserts, carpeting, and closing windows and doors. *Not blasting music on the radio or computer or speakers. Be considerate of your own ears and those of other around you. *Not slamming doors / car doors, close them eaily and with only as much force as needed. (People don't usually think of this, but imagine - how loud is it when you slam your car door? Pretty tolerable. But imagine thousands of people doing so. Now that can start to get loud. *Turninf off the TV or radio when you aren't actually fully listening to it. *Traiing their dogs not to bark so much. *Not yelling. Have civil conversations. Call someone or go find them instead of yelling across the street for them, for example. *Planting trees and bushes around you house. They help keep the air clean, absorb sound, give privacy, and add nice design and looks to a house. *Doing noisy things (dishes, hammering, ect.) over or on a rubber mat to reduce noise. *Puting carpets, rugs, mats, throw rugs, ect. in their houses / mats outside. *Puting fabric window coverings instead of plastic or wooden shades / blinds. *Not revving up a motorcycle or car unless it is actually needed for the drive. *Don't beep your carn horn "just because", make sure it is a legitamate reason.

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How do you prevent noise pollution?

by sezig all the vehicles

What are the devices used to prevent noise pollution?

There are a great many devices in the world that are used to prevent noise pollution. Mutes and sound-proofing materials on walls are two devices used.

How noise pollution is produced?

Noise pollution can be produced by various ways:by making heavy things in factoriesby shoutingby making noise by beating any thingse.t.c.

Describe ways of minimizing noise pollution in your community?


How does music cause noise pollution?

There are a great number of ways that music can cause noise pollution. Music can be far too loud for comfort.

How can prevent an air pollution?

we can prevent air pollution in many ways; we can stop traffic in our city, we can prevent not burning crackers in our roads or buildings

What are countries doing to help repair noise pollution?

the most common action taken to help reduce and prevent noise pollution is planting dense hedges near roadways.

What are the ways to prevent red tide?

=Ways to prevent red tide is to stop pollution like sewage leaks ,and fertilizers=

How noise pollution is harmful to humans?

Noise pollution is harmful to humans in various ways. This mainly causes impaired hearing, headaches, stress and so much more.

What do you mean by noise polllution?

noise pollution is a noise which afect the pollution

Introduction to noise pollution?

introdution of noise pollution

What are the objectives of noise pollution?

noise pollution objective

What are some ways to prevent global environmental problems?

Pollution control is one of the best ways to prevent global environmental problems.

what should drivers do to prevent from air pollution?

their are many ways to prevent air pollutionfirst is to keep your environment clean and do not keep your environment dirty.

How can you prevent noise pollution caused by planes?

You can't unless you shut down all the planes.

Ways to prevent pollution in the environment?

the ways to prevent pollution are: 1. afforestation 2. reducing the usage of plastic bags and use environment friendly bags. should have high chimneys. 4. water pollution should be reduced.

Noise pollution slogans?

a sweet slogan about noise pollution

Does coal cause noise pollution?

no it does not produce noise pollution

Why is noise pollution bad?

You can go deaf from too much noise, or noise pollution.

What are some ways to prevent soil pollution?

Pollution can be prevented by searching for nonharmful ways of doing things, such as organic farming versus conventional farming. Another way is to prevent pouring toxic substances on the ground.

What are the noise pollutions?

Environmental pollution caused by too much noise is called noise pollution.

Famous noise pollution quotes?

rock and roll is not noise pollution

What are some ways that you can prevent water pollution?

Tell everyone don't liter

What is water and noise pollution?

Water pollution: is the contamination of water with pollutants. Noise pollution: a noise above the permitted limit in a given environment.

Why is noise pollution improtant?

noise pollution is important because noise effects animals and people by stress