What are ways to reduce page load time?

Clearing your browser cache and wiping all your cookies and other temporary data can help. You should be able to find this option in the settings/tools/options menu listing, although exactly where varies by browser. For example, if you are using Firefox, go to Options>Privacy>"clear your recent history". Also, check your browser addon/extension list. In Firefox, go to Add-ons>Extensions. Disable anything that you don't use. You should probably keep Adobe extensions active. You can also try another browser entirely. As you can tell from my answer, I tend to prefer Firefox and other browsers which use the Gecko engine (like Waterfox, Pale Moon, etc.). You can also try a Chromium browser, like Google Chrome (if you don't mind the potential privacy concerns), Opera, Vivaldi, SRWare Iron, or Epic Privacy Browser. Make sure your PC has enough RAM, and not too many other programs are consuming improportionate amounts of RAM and CPU resources.