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They're a fungus, really expensive, and taste amazing.

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Q: What are white truffles?
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Which country produce the best truffles?

Western Australian White Truffles French Black Truffles

Which companies produce white chocolate truffles?

Companies which produce white chocolate and chocolate truffles also produce white chocolate truffles. A few companies that are good would be Cadbury, Royce Chocolates and Godiva.

What is the Latin name for the white truffles that grow in the south of Algeria?

TWTTGITSA. for 'the white truffles that grow in the south of Algeria' Also pronounced, 'Twitgitsa'

What rare fungi are found by snuffling dogs and pigs?

White truffles

What statement about truffles is correct?

The following statements about truffles are correct: Truffles are considered mushrooms. The country that produces the most truffles is France. Truffles are expensive and have a pungent taste.

What are French truffles?

truffles that are french!

Can you grow truffles?

OBVIOUSLY no truffles are candy!

Is truffles a wine?

No, truffles are either a dessert or a thing that European pigs find. Wine can be said to have the flavor of truffles.

Can you find truffles in Wisconsin?

Yes you can find truffles in Wisconsin.

What animals areused to find truffles?

Pigs. They love to eat truffles. Dogs are sometimes, also trained to find truffles.

Are mushrooms the same thing as truffles?

no. mushrooms are fungi, and truffles are chocolate.

Do badgers eat truffles?

Badgers eat truffles in "bagder heaven"

How much do truffles cost?

White truffles cost from about $1000 to over $2000 a pound, and black truffles cost from $300 to over $600 a pound. Those prices reflect American dollars and local (U.S.) delivery, as this is approximately what the better eateries have to pay to get them. You'll not be seeing them in the produce department of your neighborhood grocery store.

What kind of chocolate do Linde make?

Lindt makes a variety of chocolates in the United States. Some of Lindt's best sellers include Caramel Truffles, Peanut Butter Truffles, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate.

What are truffles that come from pigs and how do they form?

Truffles do not come from pigs. Truffles are a kind of fungus, like a type of mushroom, which grows underground. The truffles fetch a high price on the market but they can be very hard to find. Pigs can apparently smell them and sometimes, particularly in France, they are trained to scent out the truffles for their owners.

Which animal digs for truffles?

Pigs love them, and are often used on commercial truffle farms to find the truffles.Dogs have also been trained to find truffles

What are truffles?

The type of mushroom The word 'truffles' can refer to this chocolate, but is more commonly used in reference to a kind of edible mushroom that only grows underground in the roots of certain trees. Pigs and dogs are used to find these mushrooms, which cannot be seen by humans in the groundThe chocolate Truffles are a kind of chocolate that were made in France. They are creamy on the inside.Truffles are chocolate little balls filled with either caramel, more chocolate, white, chocolate and more. They r really good!Truffles can also be edible body of fungi in the genus Tuber.

Are truffles pure chocolate?

Truffles are a fungus and are dug up by trained pigs or dogs

Can you freeze truffles?


Who invented chocolate truffles?

Chocolate truffles were invented by M. Dufour in Chambery, France in 1895.

Can you freeze chocolate truffles?

Yes, you can. I wouldn't leave them in the freezer more than 4 months. The Chocolate tends to turn white.

How do black truffles get transported to Ontario?

Truffles (white and black) are flown over from Europe, where they are harvested and packaged for shipment. They are very expensive and much sought after by better restaurants, so they are hurried to the Americas via air shipment and immediately trucked to purchasers. See the related link below to the cost of truffles and you'll see why they're put on big aircraft and moved that way.

Are truffles chocolates?

Truffles are chocolates, yes. However, truffles are also mushrooms. There is also something called truffle oil, which is a musky oil that tastes similar to dirt, with an earthy flavor.

Why are truffles so valuable?

Truffles are so valuable because the process in order to obtain these mushrooms is very challenging. Truffles exist underground, and require trained pigs, whose noses are just sensitive enough to sniff out the truffle they are told to find, be it black or white truffles. The truffle season is also very short, from October to November each year! They are also valuable and sought after because they add an unusual, meaty yet sweet, taste and texture to a variety of dishes.

What are Lindor truffles?

They are very yummy chocolate truffles that come in various flavor's you can get them at your local grocery store.