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A number of tools are used in troubleshooting PCs. Diagnostic software and boot disks are probably the most common. If a hardware problem is suspected, then part swapping is used. Diagnostic cards are sometimes used too.

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there are three types of troubleshooting in computer hardware troubleshooting software troubleshooting peripheral troubleshooting

computer information on what tests a device has failed and how they were failed; used to aid in troubleshooting.

When engineers were building the first computer mouse, they did much troubleshooting to better the design. They tested the design for problems and durability.

Troubleshooting is a word, that is often used in computer software, when errors occurs. It is a way of saying "Solving a problem" or to "look for a problem".

a joystick is widely used to control a computer game

10 computer hardware errors and troubleshooting

Computer troubleshooting refers to fixing, repairing, debugging, providing technical support; essentially, solving problems related to computers, their software and their functions.

Information on troubleshooting computer problems can be found from many different websites. Some examples of websites with this information include PCSupport and Computer Hope.

when troubleshooting a computer, why might you have to enter BIOS setup? List three reasons

Two commonly used utilities, for troubleshooting, are ping and traceroute.Two commonly used utilities, for troubleshooting, are pingand traceroute.Two commonly used utilities, for troubleshooting, are pingand traceroute.Two commonly used utilities, for troubleshooting, are pingand traceroute.

At present, it is the iPod touch and/or iPhone.

Microsoft's website has a large compilation of guides and help menus for troubleshooting issues with various software and hardware of your computer. They also have a help center.

Everythingcomputers and Techsoup provide some tips on computer troubleshooting. Many computer magazines also offer troubleshooting advice for various PC issues. Consulting the PC manufacturer's website is also handy for finding ways to avoid problems.

A search of statistics reveals contradictory results. I would go with the Intel Atom processor as being most widely used.

Any type of computer used to store information is known as a "Server". There may be other names for it, but "Server" is the most widely used in my experiences.

That varies widely from computer to computer.

When it was widely used

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Apple computers are now used worldwide. They are the most widley spread type of computers.

A computer technician is usually tasked and is responsible for, but not limited to setting up computer systems, software, and diagnosing/troubleshooting software and hardware.

The most popular commercial option is Windows, followed by Mac. Linux and Unix are excellent free alternatives for anyone that is comfortable with troubleshooting and generally learning how the software on their computer works.

The term computer hacker is defined as a person with mastery of troubleshooting computer issues. That has changed into someone that gains control over a computer system unlawfully.

There are several possibilities, but Windows CE is fairly widely used.

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) made by * Palm, Inc * Treo

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