What are wild yaks enemies?


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gray wolf and snow leopards

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wild Yaks are classified as vulnerable

Wild Yaks and endangered, domestic Yaks are not threatened

wild yaks life in herds.

to attack or defend agaist Yak enemies

wild Yaks are hunted for food, domestic Yaks are better protected

no because yaks are vegitarian and a chinchilla is a meat animal so no

Ways to preserve yaks are: care them if you can but don't try harming , hunting or killing them ...

No. Yaks are wild cattle.

about 12 million, mostly domesticated. Wild Yaks are classified as vunerable

Yaks are social animals, domestic Yaks form larger populations than the wild Yak

Wild yaks live in the Tibetian plateau in Tibet and in the Himalayan mountain region of Central Asia. Yaks are similar to oxen, but they are not domesticated animals.

Yes yaks are endangered.Uncontrolled hunting by natives and military personnel is the main reason for the wild yaks decline.

Yaks are wild and sometimes tame depending how/where they were bought up as young if they was bought up in the wild then they would be wild, if they were bought up in captivity or around humans/man kind then the will be tame but they cann always turn suddenly on you.

Wild Yaks are classed as vunerable

The Chang Tang Reserve, 284,000 km2 in size, covers a substantial part of this area in China and contains an estimated 7000-7500 yaks, a third of these in two relatively small areas. The number of wild yaks probably totals around 15,000. Meat hunting, encroachment by pastoralists into the last strongholds, and hybridization between domestic and wild yaks are among the dangers confronting the animals. Only large protected tracts of wilderness as in the northern Chang Tang Reserve can provide wild yaks with a future.

wild yak stand from 6.6 to 7.2 ft.

Yes they can, but most often choose not to if they have a choice.

Yaks are not extinct. Although the wild yak population is in a vulnerable state, there is a very large population of domesticated yaks.

Thery are herbivores eating grasses, herbs and lichens

Right after they're done being pregnant.

wild yaks are hunted for foods and other products but such hunting,as well as competition with livestock grazing,has led to their populations being listed as 'vulnerable'

It is estimated 8,000-8,500 wild yaks in Tibet, of which about 7,000-7,500 were in the Chang Tang Reserve, plus about 3,200-3,700 in Qinghai Province, and about 2,000-2,500 in Xinjiang.

In winter a wild yak can survive temperatures as low as - 40 degrees (F).A wild yak doesn't reach full size until 6 to 8 years of age.In wild yaks, births usually occur in June and a single calf is born every other year.Dried yak dung is used as fuel in the treeless Tibetan plateaus.The Sherpas of Nepal call the males of the species "Yak" and the females "Nak," or "Dri."All yaks also have rainbow milk that tastes very sweet.There are two species of yaks, domestic and wild. Domestic yaks are smaller, and have a less shaggy coat.Female and young yaks congregate in large herds, while male adult yaks are more solitary.

domestic herds are numerous although wild Yaks are in decline

Wild Yaks are vulnerable, but with domesticated animals there are about 12 million in the world

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