What are womens' opinions of men wearing female underwear?

== == * One should never condemn any man for the pleasure they feel from it. Wearing women's underwear or even women's clothing in the privacy of one's home is a pleasure they obviously need and it does NOT mean that person is gay in case the partner of the male knows about the panty issue. I read an article once that said that some men love the feel of the material against their skin, especially silks and satins. Wearing women's underwear is a male's private domain and I say "each to their own." Whatever get's you through life * it is about preferences. cotton gets boring. as well as tighty whiteys or what ever color and boxers... we all need change every now and then. underwear is underwear regardless of the section of the store you bought it in. Wear what you like. I have been wearing panties since i have been buying my own underwear. just like them, like the styles and colors, the variety... tho i am limited to those that can hold everything in place.

(laughing out loud) Since you asked for an opinion, here's mine. I would not judge a man as a person for wearing women's undies, but I would not be comfortable in a relationship with one.