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well i think you would need a little bit more specific question, but if your asking what worship is I cant definitely give you the answer to that! Well I am a devoted christian, and I'm also a worship leader for the AMP'D worship band, and an aspiring youth pastor. See worship isn't just raising your hand and singing along to a little worship song were all it really says is "Jesus!" Those are good songs but some so called "Christians" make you believe thats the only way to worship and any other way isn't of God and its fake and wrong. NO that's not true! worship is when you feel the presence of God and you just want to praise him! You praise him by whatever you feel like, i.e dancing, jumping, singing, screaming anything that's for God! You don't have to stand, you can sit, or even bow, you don't need a specific position to worship God! Worship music is alot of times what turns people off about Christianity, for some reasons I've heard is because i all sounds the same, upbeat, same sounding 3 or 4 chords, and just gets boring, well not all music is like that in our band, we rap, scream.

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Q: What are worship services of Christianity?
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How many people worship Christianity?

About 2.6 Billion people worship Christianity.

What is the house of worship of Christianity?

The house of worship in Christianity is generally called a church or chapel.

What is a lapsed Christian?

Someone who, though having stopped attending worship services or practicing Christianity in a formal manner, acknowledges the Christian tradition in their upbringing.

Does alesana worship Satan?

No they do not worship Satan or Christianity.

Who is the leader of worship in Christianity?

Jesus Christ is the leader of worship in christianity. With Peter (Pope) as his visible head here on earth.

Why was Christianity created?

Christianity was created to worship God, Jesus, and the Bible.

Where do you worship in Christianity?

Anywhere you like! You can go to a church as well, and worship with others.

Is prayer the most important part of worship in Christianity?

Worship is the most important part of Christianity, prayer is just a part of worship and is as important as the others such as Scripture reading. If you single out one as the most important than you miss the entire sense of worship. For we are to worship in everything that we do, even in work or games.

Is Christianity a religion of Idol Worship?


Where is the Christianity's place of worship?

At a church.

Christianity book of worship?

The Bible.

What is Christianity worship space?


What are the place of worship for Christianity?

a church

Who leads the worship of Christianity?

The worship leader is to lead. This leader can be a member of the choir or priesthood.

Christianity where do they worship?

In church. Jn:4:24: God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Do Muslims worship Islam?

Islam is the religion, Muslims are the ones who follow the religion. They do not "worship" Islam, as Christians don't worship Christianity.

What is christianity place of worship?

A church or tabernacle.

Does slipknoot worship Satan?

No they do not. But they hate christianity.

Where is Christianity's place of worship and what is it called?


Who are the Christian warriors?

warriors that worship Christianity

How did the Spanish spread Christianity?

by praising and worship him

What is Christianity's act of worship?

God, the father

What religion did Quakers and Pilgrims practice in colonial times?

They were both practicing a form of Christianity. Their religions were a reaction against all of the high church grandiosity and kept the services and houses of worship simple.

What is Christianity's main form of worship?

More like what do they worship um THE GREATEST GOD EVA!

Where is Christianity worshipped?

you can worship GOD ( Jesus) anywhere! We worship mainly in the church...