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What are your chances of making it into Stanford if you got a 2090 on the SAT 4.0 GPA good extracurriculars and volunteer work and 1st in class rank?

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Answer #1You will definitely make it in as lnog as you havea strong writing sample Answer #2First of all, never trust someone who can't spell "definitely" correctly.

Second of all, your qualifications sound good, but are far to general for anyone to tell if you can get admitted to Stanford. Check out my answer to this question (the second one): How do you get into Stanford University . It explains pretty well how Stanford admissions works. Regardless of how much that answer may scare you, I encourage you to apply: many of the people I know here at Stanford didn't think they had any chance of getting in, but they did regardless. Who knows what greatness the admissions officer will see in your application!

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