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Any tenant, who lives anywhere in the United States, who has paid his rent and has proof that the rent has been paid, has no fear that a mindful landlord will evict him. The civil judicial system in each and every state, has specialized procedures for fairly and properly processing tenant evictions for nonpayment of rent. The problem with the question you pose, is that there are a number of tenants who lose their proof of rent payment, i.e. a rent receipt, canceled check, etc., and try to convince the court or tribunal that they have in fact paid the rent. Without proof the tenant will probably lose his case in court, this is the exception not the rule. I believe the above is true and good advise. I would add pragmatically, once the landlord wants you gone, your just going to end up with headaches staying, so finding another place - I agree an unfair pain - should be a real consideration. If he really wants you gone, you may be best off to just make a deal (that you hold to), of him giving you some a months rent or whatever, for you moving out by X date. But, I see the Q you asked was changed or morphed/linked to this one, and your original one said you actually didn't pay rent because you felt the landlord didn't maintain the place well. That will be looked at entirely differently by the housing court. You probably didn't have a right to withhold payment, certainly not all of it (proven by the fact you continued to live there and received the benefit of housing), and whatever amount if any may have been reasonable to hold back, needed to be placed with a 3rd party - attorney, housing sthority, that type of thing. More than that, you still owe it.

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Can landlord evict tenant after eviction notice served but payment made in full?


If the landlords accepted half the rent owed can they then proceed to evict me?

Yes--unless you and the landlord made an agreement not to evict in writing, the landlord waives no right to evict you simply by accepting a partial rent payment. However, making even a partial payment shows good faith on your part. I suggest you work with the landlord prior to eviction--evictions are costly and complicated.

Can your landlord evict you?


Can a landlord evict because of damage done by accident?

A landlord can evict for this reason. But for it to stand up in court, landlord has to prove that the accident was caused by the carelessness or negligence of the tenant.

Can a landlord evict a tenant for non payment of security deposit?

Yes, although they never should have let you move in without first collecting it.

If you are a month behind on rent have been in contact with the landlord Can he still evict me if I make the rent payments current?

If he accepts the rent he cannot evict you for non payment, but could ask you to leave based on constant tardiness of payment. If he doesn't accept the payments this means he is evicting you.

Can a landlord evict you in below zero temperatures?

yes,he can evict you whenever he feels like it

Can a landlord evict before the lease is up and not give you a reason?

To evict, he needs a reason.

How do you get landlord to evict neighbors?

You probably can't.

Can a landlord evict you after you have already moved out?

No, they cannot.

Why landlord cannot evict you?

a landlord can evict you for non-payment of rent or being consistantly late paying,,, disruptive behaviour, drug abuse, loud noise after 11pm, filthy premises, and too many people living there, these are the main reasons for an eviction. Another reason although not a common one is when the landlord wants the unit for his own use or for a person in his family.

Is it legal for a landlord to break his lease and evict his tenant?

It is only legal for a landlord to break his lease and evict his tenant under certain conditions. The landlord must file an eviction notice through the courts.

What kind of judement do you get from a landlord for back rent?

Your landlord can evict you and sue for back rent.

Can a lease holder evict a non lease tenant from their property?

I am presuming we have three components here: a landlord, a tenant, and a subtenant. The landlord in this case is presumably renting to a tenant, while the tenant is presumably renting to a subtenant. I presume that tenant has a lease while the subtenant doesn't. The tenant becomes the landlord for the subtenant. Since there is no lease (in most states subletting does not involve a lease) in this case, the tenant who is the subtenant landlord can evict the subtenant. While the main landlord can evict the tenant -which automatically evicts the subtenant -only the tenant can evict the subtenant. But the main landlord can evict all by evicting the tenant.

Can only a landlord evict somebody?

Either he or his lawyer.

Can a landlord evict if you do not pay a water bill?


Can your landlord evict you for engaging in unlawful activit with no proof?


Can a landlord evict tenant for lying on lease?


Can a landlord evict a tenant for drugs in Ohio?


Can your landlord evict you for carrying a firearm in AZ?

no they can't

What are Reasons why a landlord can evict a tenant?

A landlord can evict a tenant for any reason he wants, except reasons that are retaliatory or discriminatory. The reasons can include, but not limit to: Non-payment of rent Property conversion or transfer of ownership Violation of the terms of the lease, serious or repititious (two within the year) Arrest Nuisance to neighbors

Can a landlord evict and sue for back rent?

IF you owe the landlord rent, why wouldn't or shouldn't he be able to sue you!

Can landlord evict for confronting about forecloser?

No. You have the right to ask questions about this matter as every tenant who faces the uncertainty of his landlord being under foreclosure. But remember: as long as the landlord has control of the property he can still collect rent from you and evict you if you don't pay it.

What does a landlord do when threatened to have a house condemned?

The landlord can correct the problems for which the house can be potentially condemned. But the landlord cannot evict the tenant just for saying that.

Can a landlord evict someone for any reason?

he cant do it for just any reason you have to realy make a uproar before he can evict you