What are your hobbies?

In the context of a job interview this type of question is asked to see if you are introverted/extroverted, have interest common to your coworkers etc. It also determines if you can think on your feet. The definition of hobby is loose so words about your interests can be substituted for hobbies.

A job interview is something to prepare for. You know the job (and associated skills) that you are applying for, you know the company's personality (or you should have found out) so make your answer make your seem to fit. In this question about hobbies:

  • If you are trying for a job which requires detailed careful work, think of hobbies you have that require this skill set (stamp collecting, woodcarving, painting)
  • If the job is outdoors talk about camping, hiking, or biking.
  • If the job requires meeting people, underscore your interest in social work, being a DJ, or collecting stories from old folks about your community.

i like to sing and dance