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Report them as runaway's and the police will look for them and bring them back if they find them. If they have stayed with someone and that person/family has tried to protect them and not sent them home, they can be charged for harboring a runaway.

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Q: What are your legal rights when your teen does not come home?
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In the America what rights do you have as a teen mom?

Teens who have babies in America do not automatically receive emancipation. The teen mom does have all legal rights concerning her child.

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Legal responsibilities for parents of pregnant teen 16 year old daughter is pregnant and refuses to come home or go to school am i responsible?

Unless 16 is the legal age where you are, you are responsible for her unless she gets emancipated.

What is the rights of a teen parent that is still living at home with their parents in Illinois?

A teen parent living at home with their parents has the right and responsibility to raise their child and not leave it up to the grandparents to do it.

What is the legal age kids can stay home alone in CA?

The safe one is probably a teen.

Can a 17 year old be forced to leave home in TX?

Yes, a 17 year old in Texas is the legal age where the teen can leave his parents' home. Being forced out of the home would be legal as well.

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As I have read from the book entitled Teen Rights: A Legal Guide For Teens And The Adults In Their Lives by Traci Truly, it seems that teens have many rights except with many milestones like drinking, tobacco, drugs, etc.

What is the rights of a teen parent that is still living at home with their parents in Pennsylvania?

what right does a parent or guardianhave when a 18 year old is still living at home in pennsylvania

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