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You had better answer the summons.

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Q: What are your options if you are 1 month short of your state's SOL and have been served a summons?
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In the State of Florida what is the process to get someone out of your home who is not a tenant does not pay rent is not a relative or a friend?

The process is the same for any tenant the landlord wants to evict. First the tenant must be served a 30-day notice if the rent is month-to-month, even if the "tenant" has not paid one penny towards their rent (if you agreed to let them live there rent-free) When the 30-day notice has expired you must then file eviction proceedings. First you must serve a three-day notice stating that they must pay their rent or move out. When that notice has expired you must then file a petition or complaint for eviction. Each state has their own process by which this must be done. In Florida you must file the petition with the county court's clerk's office. A summons will then be served upon the tenant by a sheriff's deputy and the tenant must follow the directions on the Summons regarding how to answer their Summons.

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Move, or ignore the notice and be evicted.

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